Assassin’s Creed: 10 Best Ezio Auditore Kills

Ezio Auditore is the perennial assassin in the Assassin’s Creed series. Having his own trilogy to boast of, Ezio’s arc spanned across his entire life, where he perfected the art of killing by becoming a Master Assassin and the head of the Brotherhood.

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As part of our playthrough in Ezio's shoes, we were witnesses to the number of assassinations he carried out. While a majority played out the same way, the execution in storytelling varied greatly one from the other. With this in mind, here are the 10 best kills Ezio completed in the Assassin’s Creed series.

10 Vieri De' Pazzi

Taking Vieri out was more satisfying than other kills, because the issue with this guy was very personal. Having been Ezio’s rival in youth, Vieri made it an actual antagonism by playing a part in Ezio’s family’s death. 

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Their eventual confrontation reflected their characterization; Vieri was surrounded by his goons while Ezio took them on his own valiantly. When it was time to face Vieri, Ezio made short work of him by impaling him with his sword with extra venom. Unfortunately, Vieri’s arrogance didn’t break even while dying, but we did get an entertaining scene where Ezio cursed Vieri’s body for getting his deserved death.

9 Cesare Borgia

Although the game wanted us to believe Cesare was some diabolical mastermind, he only came across as a whiny manchild. There was poetic justice in this regard for his death, though, as Cesare literally fell from power.

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Ezio would strike what seemed like the killing blow, but Cesare manages to soldier through his wounds to proclaim he couldn’t be killed by any man. Ezio’s answer was simple: He left Cesare at the hands of fate. Letting go of Cesare, the antagonist then plummeted hundreds of feet to this death.

8 Leandros

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations understood that players wanted more depth in the boss fights department, and we got this right from the start with the killing of Leandros. This guy was cocky in his belief that he had Ezio in his grasps, only for the assassin to turn the tables on him.

What followed was a chase sequence where Ezio dangled behind a chariot in pursuit of Leandros, before they were both left all alone to face one another. Even a 52-year-old Ezio was a deadly fighter, and he took Leandros’ life like the master assassin he was.

7 Uberto Alberti

How much did we all hate this guy, right? Uberto was the one responsible for setting Ezio’s entire life as an assassin in motion, being the one who betrayed Ezio’s father and led to the men in the family getting executed.

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In response to this, Ezio headed over to play the executioner to Uberto’s life. Using his newly acquired skills of blending in using courtesans, Ezio hunted Uberto just close enough to let the latter see who was the one to kill him. He would then stab Uberto in the heart multiple times, representing the number of people in Ezio’s family whose deaths Uberto’s treachery had caused.

6 Francesco De Pazzi

Proving that he was indeed Vieri’s father, Francesco employed a similar tactic of avoiding Ezio by perching himself at the highest tower he could find. This did nothing but delay the inevitable, as well as prove further how much of a wimp Francesco really was.

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After Ezio mowed down the men who guarded his target, he found Francsco dangling near the edge of the roof, choosing to fall to the ground rather than face Ezio. Even this didn’t help his case, as Ezio chased after Francesco and brought an end to his life. To add insult to this death, Francesco was hung unclothed from the tower for the city to see.

5 Jacopo De Pazzi

Rather than this being a righteous kill, it ended being one of mercy. Still, it did give the player a chance to understand what taking pity on someone was like as part of the assassin lifestyle. Here, Rodrigo Borgia dealt the mortal wound onto Jacopo for his incompetence, but left him alive enough to suffer to death.

Ezio would break free of his restraints set upon by the Templars, and after he was done killing the guards surrounding him, he walked over calmly toward Jacopo and ended the old man’s suffering; and with it, his life.

4 Marco Barbarigo

There are many ways you can go about killing this guy, but the canonical way to do so is using the hidden gun Ezio carried. Before this, Ezio was required to play out all of the carnival games, only to be cheated out of being the winner.

He got both his revenge and dealt Marco his just desserts by heading over to take his life. It can be a bit of a task killing him the proper way, and the player can choose whatever way they like. Still, the canonical technique of shooting the old man to his death while the fireworks went off has a satisfaction of its own.

3 Girolamo Savonarola

No matter how much of a tyrant someone might be, it is in our nature to feel mercy for anyone facing a horrible death. Ezio showed the best side of himself when he felt pity for Savonarola, who was being burned to death for everyone to see.

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Feeling that even the worst men don’t deserve to die in such agony, Ezio made his way through the scores of people in attendance. He would place himself exactly across the pyre, before launching himself in the air and stabbing the man through the neck to absolve him of a very painful death.

2 Juan Borgia

Gluttony and Sloth were personified for this guy, who was a walking case of hedonism. Even in death, this man had no remorse for his actions and was glad he got to taste the sweet nectar of corruption in his lifetime.

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As it happened, Ezio hid away among the number of hedonists in this Templar’s harem, before placing himself in the proper position to stab him and position him among the number of intoxicated people, who were too out of it to realize their boss was lying dead among them.

1 Random People

If you’ve gone playing the Ezio Trilogy without ever killing any random people, then you’ve certainly wasted all the time with these games. After all, there’s no better fun than when you’ve unleashed your inner massacre enthusiast upon the pedestrians.

The fun part comes in the variety of ways you can take these people out; ranging from using broomsticks to beat them out, poisoning them when unawares, or simply picking someone out of the crowd and punching them down. It’s like an Assassin’s Creed version of Grand Theft Auto, and the beauty of Ezio’s games is that you can indulge in funny beatdowns of the pedestrians when you’re bored.

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