Every Assassin’s Creed we unravel pieces of the series’s multifarious mythos. Assassin’s Creed 3 won’t change that. When Ubisoft’s blockbuster makes its anticipated arrival this Halloween Eve, we’ll finally discover the destiny of one Desmond Miles; we’ll discover where the world stands on 12.21.12; we’ll discover how the Templars and Assassin’s shaped the birth of a new nation;  and we’ll discover how a displaced Mohawk orphan grows to become General Washington’s ruthless right hand.

We might also discover where Assassin’s Creed is headed next.

Not every game has ended with a clear vision of  AC’s future intact – the American Revolution never appeared certain until AC 3’s announcement drew near. Thanks to a multitude of factors within the series’s past and present, however, the French Revolution seems preordained as its next destination. Read on to hear why – and to learn about the tumultuous time period Ubisoft could already be crafting.

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