The developers at Ubisoft haven’t been afraid to delve into history to bring added drama to the Assassin’s Creed series, and with Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, they’re keeping the tradition alive. Most notably, in their plans to make the most of the expected DLC Season Pass.

But rather than simple weapons or costumes, owners of the Season Pass will be able to play through “Freedom Cry,” a standalone Black Flag campaign starring Edward Kenway’s first mate Adewale, as the escaped slave is forced to confront his past, and bring punishment to those who most deserve it. Ubisoft certainly looks to be breaking the mold with their new hero, and from the trailer for Adewale’s campaign, he’ll be earning some fans as well.

Read on for the full description of the nine-mission “Freedom Cry” campaign, straight from Ubisoft:

Born a slave, Adewale found freedom as a pirate aboard the Jackdaw where he became Edward Kenway’s second-in-command. Now, 15 years later, Adewale has become a trained Assassin who finds himself shipwrecked in Saint-Domingue without weapons or crew. He starts to meet locals in an effort to assemble a crew and steal a ship. The more he helps, however, the more he is drawn into the Maroon slave community. Forced to face his past, Adewale sets out to free the slaves and bring death to their captors.

The announcement also brings a few screenshots of Adewale in action, showing he has put his years of service at Edward’s side to good use, and implying he’s just as good at assassinating soldiers as his captain. Take a look:

In addition to the 3-hour long campaign, the developer also has the standard variety of add-ons and perks fans have come to expect. It seems like more unlockable locations and multiplayer skins aren’t going anywhere, but the ability to bring some added style to Edward’s ship, the Jackdaw, may tempt pirate enthusiasts:

  • Exclusive Kraken Ship Pack — Only available to Season Pass owners, this pack includes a sail, wheel, and figurehead inspired by the legendary sea monsters known for swallowing ships, men and whales
  • A Deeper Single Player Experience — Additional single player missions, weapons, skins, and collectibles for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
  • More Multiplayer Mayhem — Unlock new characters for an even more expansive multiplayer experience

Ubisoft is going all-out to prove their franchise still has staying power, and the expansive open world alone looks like a good enough reason for some on the fence to pay attention. Coming in at just $19.99, the Season Pass price isn’t as steep an asking price as some we’ve seen. Even if fans decide to invest only after the reviews start to pour in.

Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag Season Pass Poster

While Adewale may be starring in a few missions of his own for owners of the Season Pass, PlayStation 3 and 4 players can look forward to another date with Aveline de Grandpré. Her campaign only clocks in at around 1 hour, but continues her storyline from Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation. Take a look at the trailer below:

These campaigns may not have the immediate hook of AC3‘s “Tyranny of King Washington” campaign, but if Adewale makes a mark, there’s no telling how long he might stick around. Ubisoft seems interested in expanding the franchise onto every platform available, so every supporting character could be a potential star at this point.

Will you be picking up a Season Pass? How interested in you are the idea of giving secondary characters their own turn in the spotlight via DLC? Share your thoughts in the comments.


Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag will be released on October 29, 2013 for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, and on next-gen consoles.

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