AC4 Blackbeard

Avast ye scurvy dogs, the first wave of Black Flag add-ons are upon us. No sooner had Assassin’s Creed 4 set sail last month than Freedom Cry, an all-new adventure starring Edward Kenway’s first mate and former slave Adewale, was also announced. Now, a new multiplayer contingent looks to be entering the fray alongside it as part of the game’s all-in-one Season Pass option.

Unearthed by the folks over at PS3Trophies, this so-called Blackbeard’s Wrath pack reportedly includes up to three additional online characters, the first of whom is none other than the fearsome pirate himself.

The as-yet unannounced content patch features four trophies in total, 3 mid-level Silver challenges and a solitary Bronze Award (No equivalent Xbox achievements have been reported so far).

  • ‘Sacred Land’ – During a game of Dominion, score the most overall points while playing as The Jaguar (Silver)
  • ‘Queen Anne’s Revenge’ — Perform an acrobatic takedown and a gun kill in 10 seconds or less, while playing as Blackbeard (Silver)
  • ‘Pre-emptive Strike’ — Block 10 ‘Sabotage’ user abilities, while playing as The Orchid (Silver)
  • ‘Elevator to the Gallows’ — Kill an opponent using a Booby Trapped lift (Bronze)

AC4 Blackbeard's Wrath

Seated atop the proverbial crow’s nest, the eagle-eyed website also broke the news of Freedom Cry‘s accolades, this time including 2 hidden achievements, as well as a golden trophy for 100% completionists. Looking back at the vanilla edition of Black Flag and its own hidden awards — four of which centered on the game’s modern day excursions — it’s entirely possible that the DLC may feature Adewale’s ancestor in the present day at some point in Freedom Cry‘s 9-mission, 3-hour adventure.

  • ‘Liberation Day’ — Free one slave (Bronze)
  • ‘Seeds of Independence’ — Free 500 total slaves (Silver)
  • ‘Firepower’ — Kill 5 enemies with one Blunderbuss shot (Bronze)
  • ‘His Full Attention’ — Reach 100% sync (Gold)
  • + 2 Hidden Trophies

Far from denying Blackbeard’s Wrath‘s existence, Tim Browne, Lead Designer on the Assassin’s Creed 4 project, didn’t appear at all flustered by the leak, stating that it contained old information. The developer wrote on his Twitter account:

Though the tweet makes clear Ubisoft’s intention to include a playable Blackbeard character, it doesn’t go so far as to confirm the other pieces of information gleaned from the PS3Trophies leak. Although, the site certainly seems confident about the information it has posted, Brown’s comments all but validity the type of content that gamers have to look forward to. Stay tuned to Game Rant for more information about Blackbeard’s Wrath and future DLC for Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag.

Are you looking forward to suiting up as Blackbeard? Will you be picking up this new DLC when it hits digital storefronts?

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Source: PS3Trophies (via Eurogamer)