Game Ranter Banter: Assassin's Creed 3, Mass Effect 3 Hate & Molyneux's New Gig

Game Ranter Banter: Assassin's Creed 3, Mass Effect 3 Hate & Molyneux

You're playing Mass Effect 3 this week. Don't lie. As much as you love the Game Ranter Banter, you can't resist the call to defeat the Reapers, save Earth, and romance alien species. We're doing that too so we can forgive you, but only if you read this week's Banter.

We'll be covering a wide variety of topics this week. As always, Mass Effect 3 and Assassin's Creed 3 are on our writers' minds, but we also have some insights on Operation Raccoon City's 360 exclusive nemesis DLC, Street Fighter X Tekken's gratuitous amount of DLC, and Peter Molyneux's departure from Lionhead.

Let's begin.

Culture of Hatred (By Dwayne Holder)

Mass Effect 3 Hatred Game Ranter Banter

I love video games and being a gamer. What I don't love is the culture of hatred that has engulfed the hobby that I've enjoyed since being a little boy. The recent release of Mass Effect 3 has — despite is awesome review scores — created a firestorm of negativity across the internet.

There are legitimate complaints, the major one being the glitch that prevents users from importing their custom version of Cmd. Shepard. This glitch goes against Bioware's main plan for the the series and gamers know, at least they should know, that this is an issue that can be fixed. Instead they lose their minds and give ridiculously low scores, for what is basically an awesome game.

It's as if gamers sit waiting in anticipation to not play and enjoy a quality title, but to find every reason to  rip it apart. Gamers were once ashamed of being uncool, today they should be ashamed of their absurd behavior. Sadly I fear that this is something that's going to continue for a long time to come.

Miles Away (By Brian Sipple)

Assassin's Creed 3 Revolution Desmond

Over the course of the last two weeks, gamers have been spun into a frenzy over Assassin’s Creed III's new colonial-city/wilderness setting. And why not? The American Revolution was a fascinating time period on more levels than the lines on this page, and nobody's doubting the historical-fiction storytelling prowess of the folks at Ubisoft Montreal. It's staggering to think, then, that we still know very little about the continuation of the Assassin's Creed narrative — particularly as it surrounds Desmond Miles and his date with the 2012 apocalypse.

We already know that AC III plans to close out Desmond's role as the series main protagonist, but similar to Mass Effect 3, it will likely mark the punctuation of a chapter rather than the entire book. As goes Desmond, so goes the future of a franchise that has an abundance of prospective future settings — all of equal titularity to the American Revolution. So: even though I’m yearning to leap across tree limbs in the Appalachian wilderness or chat it up with Ben Franklin in Independence Hall, I’m already looking to Desmond Miles to see which past is in our future.

Exclusively D-U-M-B (By Tyler Schirado)

Platform Exclusive DLC Banter

I have come to believe that in these dark days, we live in a time where gamers either own an Xbox 360 or a PS3, and if they dare to own both, platform elitists will shun them out of the gaming community. How dare these simpleminded hooligans choose both Microsoft and Sony - that's like saying you like both Vanilla and Chocolate.

This past week it was revealed that there will be a special mode in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City where players can control the famous Nemesis. The catch: you can only get this mode if you own an Xbox 360. Comments ran rampant on this post. Some wanted it on all platforms, while others believed Capcom would lose fans because of this. This is an ongoing debate among gamers against developers and it's about time developers figure this situation out.

One comment mentioned that some folks don't have the funds to own both and it is silly for developers to pull this kind of stunt. And I can definitely agree with his statement. Now for some platforms I can agree with certain exclusive content such as Mass Effect 3's voice commands for Kinect or all of the Wii exclusive games. It's the tools used that make it exclusive and fun, not some silly mode. If you're going to give users a special experience that utilizes system exclusive hardware, then by all means make it happen. But when you're going to give gamers a fun and interesting opportunity that can be used on all systems, THEN FORMAT IT FOR EVERY PLATFORM!

You'll Get What You Paid For... If You Pay For It Again (By Jeff Schille)

Street Fighter X Tekken DLC Controversy

This week, Capcom released Street Fighter X Tekken, a game that I had been looking forward to playing. But when word got out that a huge batch of DLC scheduled to release much later in the year actually shipped on the game disc, I lost interest. More than that, I got angry.

Obviously, Capcom has a well established history of re-releasing its games in "Super" or "Ultimate" editions, complete with new characters to refresh the experience -- but this is different. There is a name for content that is complete and shipped to retail on a disc, and that name is "the game." That Capcom is locking twelve complete, playable characters away from players who paid good money forStreet Fighter X Tekken is bad enough. That the company expects those same players to wait six months, and then pay again for the privilege of unlocking those characters, just adds insult to injury. So, rather than suffer either, I simply won't be buying the game. Will you?

The Journey is Just Beginning (By Anthony Taormina)

Peter Molyneux Exit Banter

Peter Molyneux, the prolific creator of such titles as the Fable series and Populous, announced this week that he would be leaving Lionhead Studios and moving on to form 22 Cans where he will work on much more intimate projects. Perhaps as an attempt to free himself from the bonds of Microsoft, or maybe to avoid having the opportunity to spill secrets at every turn, I think this is a smart move on Molyneux's part, but it also leaves me worried about the future of Fable.

Though Fable: The Journey will continue with Molyneux in an advisory role, the next entry in the franchise, presumably Fable 4, will be the first released without his direction. Yes, each Fable had its problems, but most of those problems arose as a result of Molyneux trying something pretty unique. But now that he's gone, does that mean Microsoft will start to churn out carbon copy Fable entries?


Game Ranter Banter

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