Artist Transforms Disney Characters Into Pokemon

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In the past, many artists have been inspired by the Pokemon franchise, creating creepy versions of Pokemon or ultra-realistic takes on the creatures. However, one artist has gone in a different direction, applying Pokemon designs to Disney characters with some rather impressive results.

Ry-Spirit has been making these drawings for the past couple of years, and has created 60 in total. The Disney/Pokemon hybrids come complete with a drawing, a type, and a brief, Pokedex-style description. We encourage everyone to take a look at all the creatures for themselves, but some highlights include Mickey Mouse's final form being named Mickfoley (and fittingly, Mickfoley is a normal/fighting-type) and Minnie transforming into the cleverly named Mineficent.

Check out Ry-Spirit's Disney-inspired Pokemon evolutions right here:

mickey mouse
donald duck
minnie mouse
daisy duck
winnie the pooh

Anyone impressed by Ry-Spirit's work will be happy to learn that similar content is coming soon. In fact, Ry-Spirit has revealed that Pokemon evolutions for the Nightmare Before Christmas characters will be released around Halloween time, so those interested should keep an eye on Ry-Spirit's Facebook page for when the new drawings drop.

Ry-Spirit didn't reveal which Nightmare Before Christmas characters will be getting transformed into Pokemon, but one has to imagine that Jack Skellington is at the top of the list. Other characters that could be included are Sally, Jack's love interest in the film, and even the villain Oogie Boogie. Perhaps the evil trick-or-treaters from the film will also get Pokemon transformations as well.

In the meantime, it will be interesting to see if Ry-Spirit continues to create Pokemon evolutions for Disney characters. After all, Ry-Spirit has decades worth of material to draw from, not to mention plenty of Pokemon to be inspired by as well. And since Disney is still releasing new content on a regular basis and there are many new Pokemon in the works, it's safe to say that Ry-Spirit could very well continue this project indefinitely.

Anyone impressed by these drawing should feel free to check out Ry-Spirit's Instagram for more high quality art.

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