Mashups, how could we live without them? Some of the best fan-made videos ever created have incorporated many elements of various things we all know and love. Some notable mashups include epic rap battles of history, a 9-minute Left 4 Dead fan film that has a surprise ending and of course, Portal Kombat.

Presented to us in this clever little short features classic characters, including Master Chief, James Bond, Super Mario, Commander Shepard, and more! But it’s not just the characters that shine in this video, it’s of course the weapons they are carrying.

This GR Pick brings readers a glorious smorgasbord of characters who have holstered many of our favorite weapons that have provided us with the opportunity of an instant kill. The one-shot-kill hardly takes any talent to pull off, but at the right moment can come in handy.

A lot of gamers don’t have all the time in the world to fool around with daunting tasks in video games, this is where the instant kill plays its part well. This video is dedicated to those who love to blow their enemies away with a single press of a button.

Understanding the joy of beating enemies in one swift move, the folks over at Corridor Digital have created “The Art of the Instakill.” We previously shared some of Corridor Digital’s work in the live-action Battlefield 3 commercial with Freddie Wong. These guys are amateur special effects wizards and it shows clearly in this video.

Corridor Digital Art of the Instakill

The golden gun, energy sword, the Omni-blade, and the evil blue shell have all seen their fair share of destruction in their time. Imagine the possibilities if they had the time and budget to incorporate any character they wanted to. Altair from Assassin’s Creed comes to mind.

Ranters, what characters and weapons would like to have seen in this short, we want to know!

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Source: Corridor Digital

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