Nintendo is set to launch the first major update for its new fighting game ARMS later this week, and now the company has detailed a brand new mode set to arrive as part of the package. Players will soon be able to take control of the final boss Hedlok in a unique twist on multiplayer competition.

ARMS producer Kosuke Yabuki issued some details on the new mode in an interview earlier this week. Apparently, the new multiplayer mode will see players contest a Hedlok mask which can transform them into the character, giving them access to its unique capabilities.

Any player that manages to grab the Hedlok mask will obviously enjoy a considerable advantage, so in matches with more than two players, the action will shift toward a co-operative effort to take down the wearer. Yabuki indicated that this game type will be available across every multiplayer mode, and even during online play.

This isn’t the only new content that’s set to be added to the game via this week’s update. Players are sure to be excited about the introduction of the first post-launch character, Max Brass, who previously made a memorable appearance in the game’s Grand Prix single-player mode.

A host of balance fixes are also set to be implemented in order to ensure that fights remain competitive for all players. Yabuki acknowledged that players would be disappointed if particular characters were heavily nerfed, and noted that the team doesn’t intend to make any fighters much less effective than they are in their current state.

ARMS has been warmly received by players and critics alike, and could well be the start of a brand new franchise for Nintendo. However, modern fighting games tend to live or die based on their post-launch support, so it’s good to see the studio committing to this title’s success with new content and balance updates.

ARMS is available now for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Eurogamer

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