PS4 exclusive RPG Horizon Zero Dawn has seen a resurgence of popularity following an appearance during the Sony press conference at E3 2017. In fact, the title has done so well that it beat out newcomer ARMS in the UK this weekend.

In the latest UK sales chart, Horizon Zero Dawn has rocketed to the number one spot. This puts it above the Nintendo Switch exclusive fighting game ARMS, which was made available in the region last week.

In third place was Grand Theft Auto 5, adding to the reported six million copies it has sold in the region. Fourth and fifth place go to racing games Dirt 4 and Wipeout: Omega Collection, respectively. Sixth goes to Tekken 7, seventh to FIFA 17, eighth to Overwatch, ninth to Injustice 2 and Rocket League rounds out the top 10.

Although there was plenty of hype around the title at launch, Horizon Zero Dawn may have seen a significant boost thanks to the Sony press conference where new story DLC was officially revealed. GFK Chart-Track, which puts together the sales list every week also pointed to the “continued price promotion” of the title.

ARMS Nintendo Direct Free DLC

Nintendo shouldn’t fret too much about the sales of its game, though. As GFK points out, ARMS‘ sales are a “good performance” for a brand new IP and also represent the fourth biggest Switch launch week after The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and another new IP, 1-2 Switch.

There are also a variety of factors that could massively increase the game’s sales in the future and ensure that it ranks high on the charts in many weeks to come. For example, ARMS will add new playable characters as free DLC and the growing competitive scene surrounding the game will could get people flocking to the title.

ARMS sales may also be limited by the number of Switch consoles sold, and whether or not gamers can find them in stores. As more Switch units get into the hands of would-be players (when the console isn’t totally sold out), sales could increase. Sales aside, Nintendo may have another hit franchise on its hands, even if it doesn’t have a top seller just yet.

Source: GFK Chart-Track