Arms Gets June Release Date for Nintendo Switch

ARMS Gets June Release Date - Min Min

Today's Nintendo Direct presentation had a lot of exciting news for Nintendo Switch owners, including release dates for some of the system's biggest games. Arms, the unique fighting game that stars boxers with spring-loaded fists, was one of the Switch titles to get a release date, and it will launch on June 16th.

The Nintendo Direct didn't just announce a release date for Arms. On the contrary, fans were also treated to a new character reveal and a new game mode.

The new character, Min Min, continues the pattern of strange Arms fighters, with ramen noodle arms and a fist that can transform into a dragon. The Nintendo Direct also made it a point to highlight Min Min's ability to grapple her opponents, but it was unclear if other fighters have the same attack at their disposal.

Something that does seem to be unique to Min Min, or at least is an ability she specializes in, is her kicks. In Arms, it appears as though Min Min's kicks aren't used much for attacks, but more for blocking incoming enemy strikes and projectiles. Overall, Min Min looks like one of the smaller, more agile characters on the Arms roster, and her moveset should help her stand apart from the other fighters.

As for the new game mode, Arms will include a 2-on-2 multiplayer versus mode to go along with its previously announced 1-on-1 mode. Further details on the 2-on-2 mode in Arms are unavailable at this time, but one has to imagine that it will utilize the Switch's online services to allow for online play in addition to the local multiplayer options. As of right now Switch's online service is free to all console owners, but Nintendo will eventually go to a subscription model later this year. Once live, the online service will require an annual fee for access to features like Arms' and Splatoon's multiplayer.

With a couple of months to go until the game's launch, more game modes may be announced for Arms. The game is set to launch the same week as E3 2017, so perhaps Nintendo will reveal more game modes and other features coming to the game at its press conference in June.

Arms will be available on June 16th, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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