Nintendo’s quirky brawler title ARMS has done quite well for itself in the months since its mid-June launch on the Nintendo Switch, selling upwards of 1.2 million copies around the globe. Even beyond its base-level fun, the minds behind the game have kept fans on their toes by consistently rolling out new updates and fresh content to keep the player-base constantly on the rise. Now, Nintendo has upped the ante once again by announcing that a free DLC update is coming soon, one that will apparently include an all-new character.

According to the announcement trailer, ARMS version 3.2 will add in a Sparring Ring level and a selection of badges players can earn by hitting certain requirements within the game, like winning a Grand Prix or competing in a number of matches with only one character. The new level, which popped up in the intermission for online battles, will seemingly go without additional mechanics, meaning that it will be quite a simplistic gameplay stage — a welcome change of pace to the varied stages of ARMS. As far as the icons go, they appear to function as a type of achievement system, with an added benefit of allowing players to net in-game currency each time they unlock a new icon. Obtaining more arms for characters just got a little bit easier.

Regarding the new character, the final shots of the trailer show what seems to be a mecha version of the character Spring Man — and that’s about all we can gather about the upcoming fighter for now. It remains unclear what the springy new character will entail, though some have speculated that this could mean clone characters will be incorporated into ARMS starting with update 3.2.

In any case, this new character will join previously announced DLC fighters Lola Pop and Max Brass, as well as a base roster than includes Spring Man, Ribbon Girl, Ninjara, Master Mummy, Min Min, Mechanica, Twintelle, Byte and Barq, Kid Kobra, and Helix. Likewise, the Sparring Ring will join the candy-filled Via Dolce stage (also known as Lola Pop’s map), which was announced in a previous ARMS update a few months back.

Nintendo indicated that the free update is launching “later this month. An exact release date should come in the near future.

ARMS is available now on the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Nintendo – YouTube

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