Nintendo has been quite successful with its newly released fighting game, ARMS. The company confirmed that the title had sold over a million units during its quarterly report in July, but sales will only continue to increase as long as there’s consumer interest in the product. Evidently, Nintendo plans on reigniting said interest by adding new fighters and stages through free DLC, and a teaser for the second downloadable combatant has officially arrived in the form of a new Twitter post for the game.

Building off of a previous image showcasing a new stage, Nintendo has now released a “found footage”-esque clip showing off a very blurry fighter. Given the aesthetics of the stage and what can be seen of the forthcoming roster member, it’s likely that (much like Min Min and her ramen appendages) this newcomer will be candy-themed. Not much can be determined on how this individual’s weapons will function, but having a taffy-based brawler seems fitting for ARMS given the other zany combatants that are featured within its confines.

The most recent fighter to join ARMS was none other than Max Brass, a character that had previously been a boss in the game’s quasi-story mode. His addition came alongside a new arena and a new mode, so it’s not completely out of the question to suggest that the same will happen with this latest challenger. Even then, it’s hard to get a read on how the whacky ARMS appendages hinted at in the above teaser will play out in the heat of battle.

It’s likely that a heap of additional details on this new fighter will be arriving in the near future (like a release date and content breakdown), so those awaiting new content probably won’t be left shadow boxing in anticipation of the free and downloadable ARMS newcomer all that much longer.

ARMS is currently available exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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