ARMS Will Get Free DLC Post-Launch

ARMS Nintendo Direct Free DLC

Yesterday's ARMS-focused Nintendo Direct certainly wasn't the longest livestream the company has ever done, but it did bring fans of the upcoming extendable-arm fighting title some worthwhile news: Nintendo will officially be bringing downloadable content to Arms post-launch, and this content will come at no extra charge. This means the game will be following a similar release plan to Splatoon 2, a title which is also slated be receiving free post-launch content.

When ARMS launches on June 16, the game will feature a roster of 10 different fighters (and their alternative colors) for players to choose from. While it's unclear how many will be released after the game's launch - or when - any kind of free content is ultimately a win for gamers. In addition to the future free roster characters, Nintendo will be also release both new stages and new arms for the fighters to equip.

These kind of free content release schedules have worked out well for other intellectual properties like Rainbow Six Siege, where scheduled free post-launch content helped grow the audience to beyond its initial launch numbers. Evidently, Nintendo will be hoping that its strategy with ARMS will help nurture the Switch's multiplayer scene, and set a platform for Splatoon 2 to build on.

Arms Free Post-Launch DLC

Those interested in trying out ARMS before its full release can join in on the "Global Testpunch", where gamers around the globe can download the beta and try out the game's multiplayer modes. This will take place from May 26 to May 28, then resume April 3 to April 4. North American gamers also get to enjoy the title on April 2, though others around the globe will have to wait until the next day to continue the Testpunch. Players can go ahead and download the testpunch now, though it won't activate until May 26.

We got to put our hands on ARMS at an early preview event, walking away impressed at the depth of strategy offered by the colorful title. Prior to the game's launch, fighting game enthusiasts can see how the title holds up at the ARMS Open Invitational at E3 2017, where they should be able to get a pretty thorough look at the title's finesse - provided the upcoming Global Testpunch doesn't do that already.

Do you plan on picking 'taking ARMS' when the game gets released, Ranters?

ARMS is slated to launch on June 16, 2017, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Polygon

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