The quirky Switch brawler ARMS has proven to be a success for Nintendo, selling 1.18 million copies after its launch in the middle of June. While the numbers are already a great sign for the new IP’s future, a steady stream of new content and updates will help ensure that the player base continues to grow over time. After teasing fans with a very short clip last week, Nintendo has finally revealed the next downloadable content character will be the candy clown, Lola Pop.

According to Nintendo, Lola Pop is a street performing pugilist with a personality as colorful as her clothing. With the ability to wield nunchucks, Lola appears to be a defensive style ARMS fighter; her main ability is to puff up like a balloon in order to completely deflect attacks. Her other arm options include a set of shields that send attacks back, as well as stamp-like projectiles that cover the opponent’s screen temporarily when they’re hit.

In addition to a brand new character, the free ARMS update also brings with it a brand new stage, which can be seen in the Lola Pop trailer. The oddly shaped fighting arena looks to be a small French town made out of cookies and candy. While Update 3 doesn’t have a release date as of yet, Nintendo is giving all Switch owners a chance to try out the unique brawler during a free trial period that is set to begin on Friday, Aug. 25 and ends at 2pm PT on Sunday, Aug. 27.

In order to keep interest in the game going strong, Nintendo appears to have plans to continue releasing new DLC like characters, stages, and new arms through free updates. Already, ARMS owners have seen the former boss of the game, Max Brass, added to the core roster as well as a new stage and game mode. With this latest update also adding a new character and stage, it’s possible this is the template Nintendo plans on utilizing going forward.

ARMS is available now on the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Nintendo

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