Max Brass, the final character the the ARMS Grand Prix single player mode, will become the first downloadable fighter to be added to the player’s roster. The news came straight from Nintendo two weeks ago, and now the Japan-based company has followed up with an official trailer for the bulky champion. The highlight reel shows plenty of advantages for those who suit up with the ARMS fighter, as while he’s in big mode he won’t flinch if he takes damage while charging his arms, and they’ll remained charged anytime his health drops below 20%.

Some gamers are worried that porting over the final boss as a playable character will result in an overpowered roster addition, so Nintendo will have to tread carefully in regards to ensuring that ARMS stays balanced. Nintendo has been promoting the title as a competitive experience, and even now is using an online tournament to gather further data to tweak the game’s balance even further. If Brass should disrupt the ebb and flow of the game, Nintendo risks upsetting fans at a vital part of the game’s growth.

Brass, who’s arms are made of championship belts from battles past, certainly looks like a formidable foe in his debut trailer below:

While Brass may have Spring Man’s permacharge, super armor, and post-charge deflection abilities, the DLC fighter isn’t just a stronger version of an existing roster fighter: as is appropriate for the commissioner himself, his gameplay is based on success. If a player loses big mode while championing as Max Brass, it looks like they lose the brunt of his special abilities, resulting in an ARMS fighter with little positives. In short, this is a character for those with confidence.

The Switch’s first fighting title managed to strike a fine balance between being accessible and containing enough strategic depth to remain challenging, so it’ll be interesting to see how much of a splash Max Brass can make in the ARMS roster.

Nintendo hasn’t stated when Max Brass will be arriving, but it will likely be in tandem with a new fighter stage and a few other updates. ARMS producer Kosuke Yabuki stated that the company was aiming for a mid-July release.

ARMS is available now exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

Source: YouTube

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