ARMS: Nintendo Reveals Alternate Character Colors

arms alternate character color

Nintendo has confirmed that its upcoming fight title, ARMS, will feature alternate colors for each of its characters. The company took to its official Twitter account for the game to show off what some of the alternate character colors that will be available, with a new screenshot immediately demonstrating this with a pink rendition of the ninja-inspired (and appropriately named) character Ninjara.

This may seem like a bit of a no-brainer when it comes down to the inclusion of alternate colors in a fighting game, as it’s certainly not a radically different premise. With that said, it also reconfirms that players will be able to utilize the same character when going head to head – or they can simply tweak their fighter’s aesthetic to meet any personal preferences. Whatever the case may be, the confirmation of additional palettes is sure to be an expected, albeit pleasant, bit of news for many.

Nintendo wasn’t content with simply confirming the shades of different mascots either, opting to further detail a new weapon called The Chakran. It was also showcased on the official Japanese Twitter account for ARMS.

Gamers are sure to be interested to see what sort of fighters and corresponding costume colors will end up occupying the game's final roster, especially when they're as unique as ARMS' ramen noodle-inspired Min Min. Still, the wait to see more won't be all that much longer, as the game is currently scheduled to release later this June.

Given that a handful of additional ARMS fighters seem to have leaked, some have already begun trying to piece together their early favorites. In that light, it's nice to know that these punch-privy battlers can then be further customized with weapons and colors when consumers finally get the chance to try out Nintendo's newest IP for themselves.

ARMS arrives exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on June 16, 2017.

Source: Siliconera

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