Carrying right along after the success of Battlefield 3 DLC offerings Back to Karkand and Close Quarters – and the instant success of its Battlefield Premium program, for that matter – Electronic Arts has announced their release plan for Armored Kill.

The vehicular miscellany was detailed in full by DICE at E3 – our Armored Kill hands on preview got a taste of its four sprawling new maps and new vehicles and tank classes. The release dates announced today, however, will arrive in a three-pronged variety of systems and stipulations.

The first crowd eligible to download Armored Kill will be Battlefield Premium subscribers on the PlayStation 3 – they’ll be getting it on Tuesday, September 4th. Xbox 360 and PC Premium owners will be granted access a week later on September 11th. The common folk, meanwhile, can purchase the DLC at its $15 standalone price two weeks after the Premium release on each platform – September 18 for the PS3 and September 25 for Xbox 360 and PC.

Battlefield 3 Armored Kill Release Date

Armored Kill is the antithesis of Close Quarters’ tight-knit corridor shootouts and shotgun medleys. It’s Battlefield at vehicular zenith. New weapons and unlocks that were introduced in the previous DLC now take on the form of new machines like tanks, ATV’s, and mobile artillery. DICE has assured us that each map is conducive to all-out vehicular warfare, and with one in particular, Bandar Desert, touted as the “biggest map in Battlefield history”, we have little reason for doubt. And though all Armored Kill maps are compatible with each Battlefield 3 game mode, the new DLC also adds Tank Superiority, a King-of-the-Hill variant where (ideally) tanks fight for control over a designated zone.

You can check out the Armored Kill gameplay trailer released this July for a streamlined look at the DLC, but DICE also made its presence known at this month’s Gamescom where the content was presented in greater detail. In a recent trailer from the event (shown above), executive producer Patrick Bach narrates a sizable five minutes of gameplay footage, discussing Tank Superiority, the beauty of explosions, and how players will be forced into devising new strategies against the onslaught of metal.

In the wake of Battlefield 4’s outing as an unexpectedly speedy successor to Battlefield 3, fans have rightfully questioned how long DICE would remain committed to the most successful installment of the series to date. The general consensus seems to be that Premium is supplying enough for the price of admission (especially with the announcement of Battlefield 3: Premium Edition), and this week saw resolution on another surly subject: official servers.

ARmored Kill Release Date Video

Infamous for their widespread vanishing act following Battlefield 3’s Rent-a-Server update – some have struggled to find them altogether – DICE announced over the weekend that the number of official servers for the PS3 and Xbox 360 has quadrupled… effective, well, already. And they couldn’t arrive sooner.

Assurance of readily available conventional settings should never be an issue – certainly not when online play out of the box requires a $10 online pass. Heading into Armored Kill, though, it’s more crucial than ever. We already think life is unfair when we’re tossed into a 2000-ticket Conquest match; the last thing we want to imagine is having it held on the largest Battlefield map of all time. Oh, the things we’d do.

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