'Armored Core V' Multiplayer Detailed in Video Walkthrough

Armored Core V Multiplayer Walkthrough

Armored Core V is the upcoming 14th game (not counting the four Japan-only mobile games) in the long-running Armored Core series. For the uninitiated, Armored Core is a series about giant customizable robots and fast-paced multiplayer action.

With Armored Core V slated for release this spring, Namco Bandai has released a new gameplay video by Community Manager FilthieRich, taking fans on a walkthrough of the game's multiplayer features.

Unlike previous releases about the game mostly showcasing ACs and pretty explosions, this video takes an informational approach. Series veterans will notice the customization menus remain very similar, though how players load out their mechs has been tweaked. Instead of using left and right arms as well as left and right back weapons Armored Core V will be utilizing the new "bay" system. Functionally, it will play much the same as the back weapons, but instead of arming and firing from their positions, the AC will swap out its current hand weapons for those in its bay.


Another change to weaponry is in damage types. Instead of relying on the blanket classes of "ballistic" and "energy," Armored Core V instead classifies damage as Chemical, Kinetic and Thermal. While the move from two to three damage types may seem mild, it does add some interesting potential for how players will build their ACs defensively. Focusing too heavily on defending against one damage type will become more dangerous and suits that try to defend equally against all three may find themselves incapable of holding their own under heavy fire. Knowing what to bring to bear against an enemy AC could make for some interesting tactics which leads into the next topics they covered.

The biggest departure from traditional Armored Core gameplay is the addition of a playable operator role in 5 vs. 5 multiplayer. The operator allows for a lot more tactical and team-oriented gameplay than ever before; they can radar ping areas, scan enemies and coordinate their team across the battlefield. Remember the point about using the right type of damage for the right enemy? Along with positioning, this seems like exactly the kind of intel the operators will be supplying their team to help them along to victory.

Previously released Armored Core V screenshots:

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Speaking of teams, it seems that From Software is putting a lot more emphasis on team play and objective games through features like persistent team rosters and conquerable online territories. Once a team has formed, they will be able to engage other teams online and even capture that team's territory to add to their own. Sticking to the customization theme, teams will then be able to customize their captured territories with their personal logo and defensive installations to keep other teams at bay.

Exactly how much these customizable territories and persistent teams will change how players handle online multiplayer is yet to be seen but it definitely adds some interesting tactical elements. As for who can build the best ACs, teams and territories, we'll have to wait for Armored Core V's release on March 20th this year.

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