E3 2015: ‘Arma 3’ Tanoa Expansion Trailer, Details

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Bohemia Interactive is largely known for its open world military shooter series, Arma. To the surprise of few, the latest entry in the series, Arma 3, has proven to be just as much of a success as the previous two entries in the series, and so Bohemia hopes to expand the shooter further.

Bohemia was on hand during the E3 2015 PC Gaming Show to announce a brand new expansion for Arma 3 in the form of a sweeping, gorgeous trailer. The new expansion is called Tanoa, and it will bring much-needed color and visual variety to Arma 3.

The expansion takes place in a gorgeous tropical island area, featuring thick jungles with lush vegetation, sparkling waters, and deep blue skies. There’s plenty of environmental variety, from the jungles to an airport with a mud track for a runway, to a bustling dock system, and a gigantic volcano. A couple of vehicles are also showcased in the trailer, both featuring stunning detail, including a small blue plane as well as a large hydraulic mining shovel.

The beautiful new Tanoa expansion for Arma 3 is still a ways off, not to set to launch until an undetermined point in 2016. Hopefully the expansion will breathe new life into Arma 3, and should give players plenty of official content to enjoy to go along with the game’s crazy T-Rex mods.

Arma 3 Expansion Video/Details - Tanoa bulldozer

Bohemia Interactive was actually one of the primary presenters at the PC Gaming Show. Not only did they unveil this brand new Tanoa expansion for Arma 3, but they were also on hand to discuss DayZ, the open world online multiplayer zombie survival game that was originally born as a mod for Arma 2. As announced during the PC Gaming Show, DayZ is receiving an offline single player option, which will Bohemia hopes will encourage the modding community to do more with the game, as well as bring back some of the many lapsed players.

In other DayZ news, it was also announced that the game was coming to Xbox One in the future through the upcoming Xbox Game Preview Program. With DayZ coming to the new Xbox Early Access program, as well as Ion (the next game from DayZ creator Dean Hall), this leaves the door open for Arma 3 to make the jump to console as well. After all, DayZ began its life as nothing more than an Arma 2 mod, and if they’re bringing DayZ to Xbox, why not the latest entry in the more established Arma series?

There’s still a while to wait before the Tanoa expansion for Arma 3 sees the light of day, but based on the trailer, does it look like an exciting addition to the base game? Let us know in the comments!

The Tanoa expansion for Arma 3 will be available exclusively on PC at some undetermined point in 2016.

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