GR Pick: Awesome T-Rex Mod for ‘Arma 3’

By | 3 years ago 

Regular Game Rant readers and Screen Rant Underground listeners will know that us ranters are huge fans of dinosaurs. But not dinosaurs in the traditional sense: dinosaurs utilized in wholly anachronistic ways. Think Dino Riders.

So, when word dropped that Battlefield 4, or even Battlefield 3, might have included dinosaurs in a future DLC pack we were appropriately excited. Unfortunately, that possibility never came to pass, and we were left disappointed.

Now, however, as if some clever modder has jumped into our own subconscious, we are finally that much closer to getting our wish, only not in Battlefield. Instead, a modder for Arma 3 has stepped up to the plate and begun testing a dinosaur mod for Bohemia Interactive‘s military third person shooter.

The mod, which you can see tested in the video above, features what may be the closest we will have come to a military shooter with dinosaurs. It boasts some bone-chilling T-Rex roars (we’re guessing ripped from Jurassic Park‘s sound file), and some surprisingly solid animations for a test.

Arma 3 T Rex Mod

How exactly this test will figure into the full Arma 3 mod, however, is unclear. It looks like, at this point, that the T-Rex will only follow the player around, but won’t actually engage them. Similarly, there are some hitches in the animation that suggest this first pass will need a little more polish before public distribution.

That being said, when this mod does go live we wouldn’t be surprised if it fueled the same type of fandom that the DayZ mod for Arma 2 did. And, as we know, DayZ went on to become its own successful standalone experience. Could the same thing happen with this T-Rex mod — perhaps with a whole selection of dinosaurs roaming around? Imagine if instead of zombies like in DayZ, this next game had dinosaurs. We’re on board.

What do you think of the Arma 3 T-Rex mod? Would you like to see a full game devoted to this idea?

Source: McRuppertle