New Humble Bundle Invades With ‘ARMA’ Games Required For ‘DayZ’ Mod

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Humble Bundle ARMA

The Humble Bundle is no stranger to amazing deals, with a history of teaming up with game developers like the late THQ. Now that they have their own Humble Store, the charity-supporting organization has been able to put out some weeklong sales whilst still focusing on helping indie developers with their regular bundles.

Today, The Humble Store announced their latest weekly sale would be in conjunction with Czech developer Bohemia Interactive, which is offering its impressive fleet of games in the bundle – most notably including ARMA 2 and the DayZ modification that goes along with it.

Gamers can head over to the Humble Weekly Sale itself to check out the goods, which will remain in a packaged bundle all week. The Bohemia Interactive themed bundle itself includes ARMA 2, Take on Helicopters, UFO: Afterlight, Alpha Prime, ARMA: Gold Edition and ARMA Tactics. Those paying more than a set price – which currently rests at $6 –  will also receive Carrier Command, the ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead expansion, and the original DayZ modification developed by Dean Hall.

DayZ screenshot

The ARMA series has proven to be a realistic, albeit challenging to control, combat simulator which performs as the spiritual successor of  Operation Flashpoint. The sequel garnered plenty of new fans when the aforementioned zombie apocalypse mod brought in a completely new crowd of gamers and boosted sales of the game, leading to developer Bohemia Interactive joining forces with DayZ creator Dean Hall to develop the super successful DayZ standalone which has sold over a million copies in its first month of alpha release (yes, an unfinished alpha). The original DayZ modification (which is otherwise available for free anyway) requires Operation Arrowhead to play, so those interested in playing it while waiting for standalone DayZ updates will have to beat the $6 minimum required price to unlock the entire bundle- which still delivers plenty of bang for your buck.

Players who make purchases can choose to either donate to the developer, two select charities or the Humble Bundle organization itself. The first charity, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, fights against negative changes to the DMCA, and actively monitors NSA policies. The second charity is The American Red Cross,  which provides disaster relief on a global scale. Both are fantastic causes, and we encourage gamers to get in on such a good deal. With proceeds going to good causes all around (or even simply supporting the developer), it’s hard to say no when the Humble Bundle comes a-callin’.

What do you think, Ranters? Are you interested in the Bohemia Interactive bundle, or would you rather see a different developer step up to the plate?

The Humble Weekly Sale can be found here.


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