Studio Wildcard releases the latest patch for ARK: Survival Evolved, which introduces a gigantic map called The Central, along with new dinosaurs, bosses, weapons, and more.

Players logging in to play ARK: Survival Evolved will likely have noticed a huge 10GB update waiting for them, and as the file size indicates, the latest patch features no shortage of new content. While Studio Wildcard has plenty of work on their hands with the recent announcement of a PS4 exclusive spinoff, it’s clear that gamers playing ARK: Survival Evolved are still bound to enjoy plenty of content updates before the game goes gold.

The latest update features a gigantic map called The Central, which actually doesn’t stem from Studio Wildcard itself. The map originated from a fan, and quickly became one of the most popular modifications on the Steam Workshop. Studio Wildcard got in touch with the modification’s creator and purchased the creation from them, and were evidently so impressed with the modification that they’ve since brought the talented modder onto their staff.

Here’s the trailer for the full patch, which focuses heavily on the new map:

Aside from the addition of the huge new world, gamers will also find five new creatures included in the massive 10GB update, which includes a giant millipede, a ride-able giant manta ray, a Lystrosaurus, a saber-toothed fish, and even a dangerous-sounding direbear. There’s also two new bosses thrown into the mix, and the inclusion of an new crafting table in the form of a chemistry station will provide plenty more late-game content for experienced players.

The inclusion of a primitive bola weapon allows players to ensnare smaller dinosaurs earlier on the game, making trapping live prey a slightly easier task. Surprisingly, the bola even works on some flying creatures, so long as players are capable of landing a hit. A pirate-inspired primitive cannon also makes its way into the game, which logically requires a cannonball to use. The cannon can be unlocked at level 40 for 25 engram points (just 5 for the cannonball, though).

The update also introduces a tribal ranking system, which lets groups of players assign ranks to members of their tribe, and assign custom privileges to these individual ranks. This allows for the creation of a “caste-based society”, where players can ensure only high ranking officials have access to certain buildings, inventories, and creatures. This adds a great new dimension to multiplayer gameplay and role playing, and will likely help combat against griefers, too.

Those thinking the purchase of a popular modification was a one time thing should also stand corrected, as ARK: Survival Evolved lead designer Jeremy Stieglitz, who recently settled a lawsuit against his former employer, has confirmed this is the start of the a new program called the Official Mods Program:

We intend to continue to regularly select what we consider to be the most and most polished Mods from among the many thousands available on Steam Workshop—often identified through open-entry cash-prize Mod Contests, such as the one we’re currently running, which we use to gauge community enthusiasm. And then when we determine what we think are the standout exemplars, we’ll make more offers.

Evidently, it pays to be a talented modder.

What do you think about the latest patch, Ranters?

ARK: Survival Evolved is still in early access, with the full edition slated to arrive this holiday season for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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