Ark: Survival Evolved Mod Creates Dinosaur Pac-Man

By | 1 year ago 

Ark: Survival Evolved player Phil from Mitt Gaming showcases an amusing mod he created for the game that is essentially Pac-Man with dinosaurs instead of ghosts.

Being a popular PC game, it’s no surprise that plenty of gamers have been modding and adding their own content to Ark: Survival Evolved. YouTuber Phil from Mitt Gaming has created one of the more amusing pieces of original content, however, by dropping a Pac-Man maze into the middle of the glorious dinosaur world that is Ark: Survival Evolved.

Mitt Gaming’s Pac-Man maze in Ark: Survival Evolved is fairly impressive, mimicking the blue mazes that arcade goers of the early 80’s still have ingrained in their minds, and also utilizing the iconic sound effects that should be familiar to anyone that has braved Pac-Man‘s ghost-filled maze in the past. However, Mitt Gaming’s mod trades the traditional Pac-Man ghosts for color-coded raptors, and substitutes various other creatures in lieu of Pac-Man.

The results are as one might expect. As soon as any of the Pac-Man surrogate animals are dropped into the maze, the raptors make short work of them. They work together to swarm their prey, kill it, and are then rewarded with the Pac-Man death music, and that’s basically how it turns out for every animal that Mitch Gaming drops into the maze.

But don’t take our word for it. Watch the hilarity ensue in Mitch Gaming’s Pac-Man maze mod for Ark: Survival Evolved right here:

Ever since its reveal trailerArk: Survival Evolved has captured the imagination of gamers with its exciting open world dinosaur adventuring. Those that saw the reveal trailer probably thought the craziest thing we’d ever see out of this game was the fire-breathing dragon at the end, but this Pac-Man maze definitely gives the dragon a run for its money.

Thanks to its massive popularity – selling over 1 million units in Early Access – expect to see plenty more creative mods for Ark: Survival Evolved moving forward. More mods is a given, but what we don’t know is if these mods could potentially make their way out of the PC version of the game and onto the planned console versions as well.

It would make sense for Ark: Survival Evolved to at least take advantage of the PC to Xbox One mod sharing, considering the developers seem to have a good relationship with Microsoft. After all, Ark was one of the indie games highlighted during Microsoft’s E3 [email protected], and it’s also slated to be added to the Xbox One Preview Program in a few months. While so far Fallout 4 is the only game actually confirmed to be supporting PC to console mods, don’t be surprised if other titles, such as Ark, follow suit down the line.

Ark: Survival Evolved is currently in Early Access on PC, and will enter the Xbox One Preview Program in early 2016. The game’s full release, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, is expected to be June of 2016.

Source: Kotaku