Ark: Survival Evolved Adds Hunger Games Style Tournament Mode

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Even though it was first revealed a couple months ago, Ark: Survival Evolved has already sold one million copies on Steam Early Access, and continues to build in popularity among gamers. But it seems Ark: Survival Evolved’s developer, Wildcard, isn’t satisfied with what they’ve already accomplished, and is already gearing up to release a new game mode for the dinosaur-survival game.

The new mode, called Survival of the Fittest, is reminiscent of the way Hunger Games pits participants against each other, in a fight-to-the-death where only one player can reign supreme.

Like Hunger Games, combatants in Ark’s Survival of the Fittest start in a circular formation, with a cache of loot available in the middle of the circle of players. At the start of the match, players can either make a run for the valuable loot in the middle – which has the potential to give them a leg-up against the competition – or instead slink off into the woods to avoid the mad dash and possible death.

Those who take off, however, won’t be gone for long, since the game’s outer boundaries slowly close in on contestants in a “Ring of Death” that ultimately brings them together to fight. As one would expect, Ark’s Survival of the Fittest mode is permadeath, meaning once players die, they’re out of the game and will need to start afresh in a new game.

Ark Survival Evolved T-Rex

Considering the format of the open-world survival game, and the fact that the word “survival” is even included in the title, it makes sense that Wildcard would include such a game mode for players to enjoy. In fact, this, and possibly many other new modes similar to it, are sure to encourage more players to pick the game up and give it a try, similar to how fan-made game modes (like Hunger Games) helped make another open-world game, Minecraft, even more popular than it already was.

To kick off Ark’s new Survival of the Fittest mode, Wildcard will be livestreaming a tournament at 12:00 pm PT on August 1st, where 35 teams will compete for a $20,000 grand prize, plus plenty of gear from Logitech and Gunnar Optiks. During the tournament, viewers will have the opportunity to vote for various world-changing events to challenge and empower players. These events include crazy weather, a dinosaur attack, and supply drops.

What do you think about Ark’s new Survival of the Fittest mode? Are you planning to watch the kickoff livestream on August 1st? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Ark: Survival Evolved is available now for PC on Steam Early Access.

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