Studio Wildcard announces that the next update for ARK: Survival Evolved will add the game’s first three-seat dinosaur, the Gallimimus, along with new items.

ARK: Survival Evolved continues to be one of the most popular games to release through early access. The game’s concept of a shared online multiplayer world full of dinosaurs has obvious appeal, and has so far resonated with gamers, selling over 1 million early access copies. Studio Wildcard’s consistent updates has helped the game maintain its popularity as well, with the next update adding the Gallimimus dinosaur – the first in the game to seat three players at once.

Another advantage to the Gallimimus is that it is, to date, the fastest dinosaur available in ARK: Survival Evolved. The downside to the creature is that it has no natural means to defend itself, meaning that its best bet is to flee from predators. The Gallimimus is also unable to collect any resources players come across in the game.

In addition to the new dinosaur, the next update for ARK will also add some new items to the game. This includes SWAT-style assault armor, an electric prod weapon, and new greenhouse structure pieces designed to aid in the game’s agriculture process.

See the Gallimimus as well as the new items in the Patch 233 trailer below:

It’s always exciting to see new content being added to ARK, as the game truly seems to get better with each update. It also seems as though Studio Wildcard is slowly building to a dinosaur that will seat a lot more players, as the previous update added the two-seat Giant Kangaroo, and this update of course adds the three-seat Gallimimus. Until these last couple of updates, all the creatures in the game could only seat a single player.

PC players should be able to expect the update soon, but it’s less clear when Xbox One gamers will get their hands on the content. Studio Wildcard has been mostly faithful to the Xbox One version of ARK, with the latest update for the game on the platform adding the highly anticipated split-screen support, but even so, content updates come to Xbox slower than PC. This is probably due to the way Microsoft handles updates and patches on the Xbox One, but still, it’s a little disappointing that ARK: Survival Evolved is most popular on Xbox One, yet the PC version receives all the new content first.

The Xbox One version of ARK also has frame rate issues that still need to be addressed, so hopefully Studio Wildcard ramps up attention to that version of the game. In the meantime, it’s clear that the studio is passionate about the project, and the updates for the PC version come every couple of weeks, adding significant content to the experience. It will be exciting to see what all else is added to ARK as we near its summer 2016 release.

ARK: Survival Evolved will see its full release this coming June on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: GameSpot