ARK: Survival Evolved only just exited its early access period, fully launching on PC, PS4 and Xbox One August 29, but Studio Wildcard isn’t taking a celebratory vacation, instead announcing the survival action-adventure game’s second major premium expansion. Aberration, like Scorched Earth before it, opens up an entirely new ARK for players to explore and thrive in. Except this ARK is different than others, as something appears to have gone very wrong.

The Aberration ARK has been severely damaged, resulting in the surface’s internal atmosphere leaking away. What’s left above ground is toxic, ridden with radiation, but underground biomes are flourishing with strange and wild new life. Players will be challenged with earthquakes, gas leaks, elemental chambers, and other strange phenomena as they try to find a balance between the near uninhabitable surface and increasing dangers of the deep underground.

Plenty of new content will come packaged in ARK‘s Aberration expansion, new items and creatures as well as entirely new gameplay mechanics. 50 new items will be added to the game, including climbing picks to deal with Aberration‘s verticality, hazmat suits to deal with toxic hazards, batteries powered by odd sources, and best yet gliding suits so as to fly without the aid of a creature. Creatures are plentiful, though, from the giant “Cave Crustacean,” the adorable “Lantern Pug,” or the “Master” of the depths that few will see and less will survive.

Scorched Earth, ARK‘s first premium expansion, established the standard by which it seems Aberration to have been made. A whole new map with a couple of core feature additions, and then as many creatures and items as can be finished before the development of the next expansion begins. Scorched Earth took players into the desert, where Aberration takes players into a strange, abandoned ARK.

Aberration will be ARK: Survival Evolved‘s fifth major expansion DLC, but only the second premium one. The Center, Primitive Plus, and Ragnarok were each released entirely for free, while both Scorched Earth and Aberration cost $20 each. Alternatively, players can purchase ARK: Survival Evolved‘s Season Pass, which includes Scorched Earth, Aberration, and a third expansion in 2018 for $45. An ARK: Explorer’s Edition package including the base game and Season Pass is also available for $100.

ARK: Survival Evolved is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Aberration launches October 2017 across all supported platforms.