The 20 Best Area 51 Raid Memes

the 20 best raiding area 51 memes

At the time of this writing, over 400,000 people have agreed to storm or raid Area 51 as part of a satirical Facebook event that quickly went viral. The plan is to storm American airbase Area 51 "to find them aliens" on September 20, 2019, with the "strength of Kyles" and the speed of "Naruto runners." And as things usually work on the Internet, Reddit, Facebook, and more have been taken over by memes about raiding Area 51.

Thanks to the various factors that come into play with Area 51 memes, there is a rich depth to them. This is because it combines the Kyle meme, a meme about drinking Monster energy drinks and punching drywall; the Naruto or "Weeb" element, referring to major Anime fans; tons of Time Traveler memes, which have oddly cropped up at the same time as the Area 51 memes; aliens, who have a long-running history in various memes; and so much more such as the Belle Delphine bath water memes. In other words, it should be no surprise to see this blowing up as it has.

As it stands, it is hard to scroll through social media without seeing a few Area 51 memes, but of course, the quality varies from meme to meme. So, for those looking for some high-quality Area 51 memes, here are the best 20 circulating around the Internet.

area 51 how to train your dragon meme
area 51 alien toss out meme
area 51 alien girlfriend meme
area 51 et alien meme
area 51 avengers endgame meme
area 51 captain america meme
area 51 joke meme
area 51 keanu reeves meme
area 51 halo meme
area 51 monster inc meme
area 51 rick and mort memes
area 51 mortal kombat meme
area 51 mom meme
area 51 pro gamer move meme
area 51 kyle meme
area 51 toy story meme
area 51 us government memes
area 51 skyrim meme
area 51 time traveler meme
area 51 sonic meme

With the Storm Area 51 event supposedly set to occur on September 20, it's possible that this latest internet craze lasts longer than others, especially with the way it so easily combines other memes like the increasingly popular Keanu Reeves memes. Following the reveal that Reeves has a major role in Cyberpunk 2077, the internets' fervor for the John Wick star hit an all-time high and has been riding that for some time now, with these new Area 51 memes taking that to new heights.

At the end of the day, it remains to be seen how this latest Internet sensation adapts and evolves over the coming weeks. It could rise as quickly as it fell, or it could be one of those memes that preserves itself for posterity. Only time will tell, though.

Source: Know Your Meme

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