Apple No Longer Developing Ultra High Definition TV Sets

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Apple No Longer Developing TV Sets

Ever since Apple revolutionized home-based computing back in the ’80s, the multinational conglomerate has tried to dominate practically every other angle of the electronics market, and has succeeded for the most part. Whether helping push the course of the recording industry into the digital age with the iPod, changing the way we communicate with the now ubiquitous iPhone, or mastering touch-screen technology with the iPad, the company seems primed to excel at practically every hardware project they undertake.

Thus far, the only medium in which Apple hasn’t been able to triumph is that of television. Bearing that in mind, sources close to the project believe that the tech firm will be putting its long-awaited TVs on the back burner for quite some time. And according to official reports, Apple has discreetly ditched plans altogether to continue developing ultra-high-definition television sets.

Apple’s high-end TVs supposedly included some pretty interesting components, like a fixed camera installed in the device for video calls and conferencing, as well as other “cutting-edge” features. However, those attributes apparently weren’t enough to impress Apple executives, as the project is no longer moving forward at the moment.

For years, many analysts have insisted that Apple would break into the television market, yet so far the company hasn’t actually made any, choosing to make mobile devices its top priority instead. But, if one wants to get technical about it, the computer giant has actually been in the TV game for quite some time with their Apple TV set-top box, a solid alternative to Roku and Google‘s Chromecast. And just last month, the company was set to reveal the newest model of the streaming device, with rumors circulating that it won’t support 4K streaming.

Apple No Longer Developing TV Sets

Although Apple has shelved its television production plans for the time being, the news will hardly put a dent in the corporation’s bottom line, because as of this writing, their stocks are currently being quoted at $130.25 a share. With their aggressive marketing campaigns, it’s really no wonder why the company continues to flourish, especially with its first, and still relatively new Apple Watch crushing it in sales. Plus, in a bid of innovation and to expand the expensive wrist-wear’s longevity, it’s been reported several months back that Electronic Arts will make Apple Watch games.

As we all know, Apple is no stranger to mobile gaming. In fact, they have done their best to separate themselves from the current crop of competition with the smooth processing and visuals of the iOS 8 engine running on all of their portable gadgets, such as the iPhone 6, and the aforementioned Apple Watch.

So, while no one truly knows what lies ahead for the fate of Apple TV sets, Tim Cook and his tech cronies can still rest easy knowing all of their other hardware is commanding the market. If anything, the news will certainly be rife for discussion during the upcoming World Wide Developers Conference in June.

Source: The Wall Street Journal (via IGN)