Anonymous Insider Claims Next Apple TV Will Focus on Gaming

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There’s a considerable difference between games like Candy Crush and Call of Duty, but mobile gaming has had considerable pull regardless. With financial juggernauts like Fallout Shelter, Game of War, and Clash of Clans raking in the dough and regularly increasing their player base, mobile games have gotten the attention of traditional gamers and game companies alike.

A great deal of this success can be pinned on Apple, which brought scores of people into gaming with the iPhone. According to a recent interview with an anonymous source, Apple may be introducing new ways for casual gamers to enjoy gaming at home.

The Apple TV has existed for many years, but has primarily only been used for streaming video and audio to TVs without internet capabilities. In a report from the New York Times, however, Apple may be expanding its latest iteration of the device to include gaming, as well. While the exact details are currently vague, the anonymous source speaking to the NY Times suggested that the device will have the graphics capabilities and power necessary to create an enjoyable, simplistic gaming experience. Despite the upgrades, the new version will be much less expensive than prior versions of the Apple TV, costing $150. Apple plans to officially unveil the new Apple TV at a reveal event Wednesday, so gamers should stay tuned for more info.

Apple TV Gaming Racer Tablet

While the newest version of the Apple TV is probably not going to be a challenger to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or even the Wii U, Apple may be able to increase its earnings by targeting gamers who are already accustomed to playing less graphically-intense mobile games. While it remains to be seen what types of games will appear on the Apple TV, and whether other game companies will be allowed to publish their games for it, it could potentially benefit Apple and third-party gaming companies, as well.

Developers like Square Enix and NetherRealm Studios have already gotten in on the mobile gaming business, publishing ports of games like Final Fantasy 7 and Mortal Kombat X for mobile devices. Additionally, EA has plans to develop games for the Apple Watch. Depending on the system capabilities of the Apple TV, these mobile versions could potentially be adjusted to work on the Apple TV console, allowing gamers who can’t afford the more expensive HD consoles to play them.

Many gamers have mixed feelings about the mobile gaming boom, but there’s no argument that many people who never considered themselves gamers before now play mobile games on a regular basis. Thankfully, there’s plenty of space for the more hardcore, high-definition games to exist alongside more graphically or mechanically simplistic mobile games. In any case, more details on what the Apple TV can do for gamers should become clear later this week.

Source: New York Times

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