Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference Scheduled for Same Week as E3

Apple Schedules WWDC for Same Week as E3

In a move that is either meant to steal away some of E3 2011’s thunder or to capitalize on the collective tech and gaming buzz that coincides with the event, Apple has announced they will be hosting their yearly World Wide Developer’s Conference at the same time as E3.

Rumors have hinted that this year’s WWDC will feature the unveiling of the iPhone 5, but is that enough to take gamers’ focus off of E3? To take on such a large tech and gaming event, Apple must certainly have some big reveals planned.

Though each of the events are competing with each other, there is still a general sense of camaraderie present, especially since gaming on Apple’s devices has helped boost sales. It’s also worth mentioning that it was E3 who moved in on a week (the first in June) that is traditionally reserved for the WWDC, Apple just hadn’t announced their dates yet.

With exciting new tech and software coming out of both conferences, it looks like June might be the month in 2011 that the collective gaming world pops a gasket. Also, if Apple unveils a new iPhone and one of the big three reveals a new console (most likely the next Wii), the world might hear the sound of gamers’ wallets everywhere weeping.

There are, of course, more facts supporting rumors gamers will see the unveiling of the iPhone 5, and perhaps another iPad, with next-gen console announcements seeming less likely. Still, with all of the major game software reveals that come out of E3, it’s definitely an event to keep an eye on.

For those who might want to program their DVRs or set a calendar, the specific dates for both events are June 7-9 for E3 and June 6-10 for WWDC. As was said before, June is going to be a very big month for game software and hardware announcements, so stick tuned to Game Rant for all your E3 and WWDC reveals as they happen.

What do you think will have bigger announcements: WWDC 2011 or E3 2011? Is an iPhone 5 reveal more likely or is a new console from one of the big three?

Source: Apple (via Games Industry Biz)


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