A leaked photograph of a supposed iPhone 7 phone case seems to indicate that the iPhone 7 won’t feature headphone jacks, which may force the use of wireless earbuds.

Since Apple has confirmed that the iPhone 6 and 6S were the company’s fastest selling phones, the public has been eagerly awaiting to hear what Apple can cook up for the next generation, which is expected sometime this fall. Yesterday, a tweet from the OnLeak Twitter account has brought rumors that the iPhone 7 won’t include a headphone jack back to the surface, thanks to some leaked photographs of a supposed iPhone 7 case.

The rumors that the iPhone 7 may not have a headphone jack are nothing new, and some third party producers have been reporting that they are ramping up production of bluetooth headsets and even cases which utilize the lightning port to allow a headphone connection.

As one might expect, Apple hasn’t made any comment on the rumors, as they only build up curiosity for Tim Cook’s eventual speech which will unveil the device later this year.

Here’s a look at one of the recently leaked photos, which features a case that has no headphone jack section:

Apple iPhone 7 Case

The above photo isn’t definitive confirmation that the phone won’t have a headphone jack, however, as it was reported that placing an iPhone 6 into the case still left the headphone jack accessible, even though the case wasn’t necessarily built with the older iPhone’s headphone jack in mind.

In addition to talk of no headphone jack, rumors have been circulating that the iPhone 7 will feature a flush-rear camera, enabled by a thinner camera module on the back of the phone, which has reportedly also shed its antenna bands. Apple has also secured a patent for a dual camera system, which would allow for users to take photos during videos with no loss of quality. Of course, even though the company has secured a patent, that in no way means that Apple is planning on including it in the next generation of mobile phones.

While Oculus’ founder may think that the company doesn’t make good computers, it’s certainly hard to disagree with the fact that the hardware behind each new generation has come a long way, and some industry analysts predict that mobile phone hardware will grow by leaps and bounds by 2017.

The OnLeaks Twitter account has been remarkably ahead of the curve for many mobile phone rumors, notably including some Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6S renders. Whilst the Twitter watchdog has had some good hits in the past, any rumor such as the one above should still be treated with a grain of salt, as the source of the photograph has remained completely anonymous.

In any event, the iPhone 7 has a long road to go down before production, and many changes may occur to the phone’s hardware prior to its public release.

We’ll keep you posted if any juicy news drops from the Apple tree.

Source: OnLeaks

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