Apple’s iPhone 5 has been a long time coming, nearly two years in fact. After failing to announce the device at last year’s major iPhone event — a press conference that instead revealed the iPhone 4S and Siri — Apple is looking to redeem themselves, and fast.

In the past they have been coy about their announcements, choosing only to make their nature known there and then — never any earlier. This, of course, leads to speculation of an iPad 3 when instead they reveal the “new iPad,” a frustrating situation for the hopeful consumer.

This year the Apple “games” are nowhere to be found, and instead we have an iPhone announcement invitation that clearly indicates the iPhone 5 is coming. The invitation is dated for September 12th, and doesn’t feature a clever quote or an intriguing blurb, but succinctly turns the one and two of 12 into a five. What more could you ask for from an Apple invitation?

Obviously knowing that the iPhone 5 is coming isn’t news — we’ve reported on it several times already — but what the device will look like is surely going to make some. Rumors have been circulating that suggest the mobile phone will feature everything from a new charge port to a larger, sleeker screen, but in typical Apple fashion they haven’t said a thing.

There are some elements that we’d like to see incorporated into the device — namely Near Field Technology — but details from the presumed iPhone manufacturers have squashed many of those hopes. In all honesty, it’s the highly anticipated iPhone 5 we’re talking about, and it’s certainly going to sell well no matter what bells and whistles it has.

iPhone 5 Event Invitation

The September 12th event should also play host to a release date announcement for iOS 6, which doesn’t do much for gaming, but has a few neat features. Really it’s the iPhone 5’s guts — its processor, memory, etc. — that could improve gaming on the device, but that doesn’t appear to be Apple’s focus with this year’s iteration. Like we said, they are apparently trying to redefine the iPhone look, and pave the way for future device’s design aesthetic.

So mark your calendars for September 12th, and get your iPhone BINGO cards ready, but more importantly rest assured that Game Rant will deliver all the juicy iPhone details (release date, first look, specs) as they roll out.

What would you like to see out of an iPhone 5? Is this the Apple device you’ve been waiting for?

Source: Gizmodo

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