Apple Eyeing 4.6-Inch Screen for iPhone 5?

iPhone 5 Larger Screen Rumor Again

When it comes to the iPhone it feels like hopeful Apple fans have adopted a "if not this one, maybe the next one" mentality. When one of their hot new devices, like the iPad or the iPhone, fails to feature a new piece of tech that many assumed it would, the countdown begins for the next Apple unveiling, where they surely will deliver on that promise.

That scenario played out just recently with the iPad 3 — Apple didn't put their incredibly stunning retina display in the iPad 2, but they did for its 3rd iteration — and it appears that the same could be happening for the iPhone 5.

Back before we knew that the iPhone 5 was actually going to be an iPhone 4S, there were a ton of rumors circulating that suggested the new device would feature a substantially larger screen. There was evidence that Apple had contacted manufacturers and requested larger screen designs, and even some clever graphic designers gave us concept art that showed what that iPhone could look like.

Well, we're back again with another larger iPhone screen rumor, this one suggesting Apple has already placed an order with its suppliers for a 4.6-inch display. Just to put that into some perspective, the current iPhone 4S sports a 3.5-inch retina display.

There's been no confirmation from Apple as to whether this rumor is true and, frankly, we don't expect there to be one. Apple has a longstanding track record of only revealing details about their forthcoming products at specially designated events like the WWDC, and nowhere else.

Still, as we near the middle of the year — when Apple typically gears up for another iPhone unveiling — I wouldn't be surprised if a ton more iPhone 5 rumors start appearing, including some that claim the phone will be completely different from its current iteration. But only when Apple shows it on that big stage, will we know for sure.

Would you like the iPhone 5 to feature a larger display? What other features do you think Apple should be exploring for this next generation?

Source: Reuters

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