Apple TV Console Rumor

Just last week Apple CEO Tim Cook (the guy who took over for Steve Jobs) visited the offices of developer Valve in Washington, sparking a ton over to debate as to the nature of the visit. While neither Valve nor Apple would comment on the meeting, it absolutely took place, and inside sources claim to know why.

According to the insiders, the source of the meeting goes back to Apple’s rumored foray into the television market later this year. Apple is believed to be working on a TV that would feature many of the touch screen flourishes that an iPad or an iPhone offer, but would at the same time be a fully functioning television.

Much like anything Apple is working on there hasn’t been anything substantial that suggests the company is working on a TV prototype, but some seem to believe that it absolutely is happening and it should be out before the year’s over.

Beyond just being a fully functioning TV with touch screen capabilities, though, the TV is also believed to feature a Kinect-like game console. This part of the rumor is even far-fetched than the TV one, but these sources say the two are one in the same. Essentially, this “console” that is built into the TV would be something akin to a PC but that would also accommodate motion control functionality.

Despite the extremely unbelievable nature of the rumor, the pieces to the puzzle seem to fit if one considers all the evidence that has been mounting over the past couple of months. Valve was first rumored to be working on a console that would be similar to a pre-built PC, then Apple meets with the company, and now Apple is reportedly working on a TV that features a similar sort of technology inside it.

Obviously we won’t know a thing about the TV until a major event, and it just so happens one (WWDC) is right around the corner.

Would you be interested in an Apple brand TV that features touch screen functionality and houses a game console? Does it make sense for Apple to develop either of these two devices (a TV or game console)?

Source: Cult of Mac

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