When something happens at the office of Valve, gamers tend to pay attention. It really doesn’t matter what’s going on over there, whether Gabe Newell is trolling or Team Fortress 2 is going free to play, it’s always going to be worth noting if only because Valve is so secretive.

Today, Valve‘s offices (located in Bellevue, Washington) were visited by none other than Tim Cook. Who is Tim Cook you might ask? Tim Cook is the CEO of Apple, makers of a wide variety of devices, some of which are capable of carrying the Steam platform on them. Cook is also the guy who took up the role of Apple CEO after the untimely death of Steve Jobs — meaning this is a guy who wants to make a name for himself.

Though there is no information, yet, regarding this visit between Valve and Apple, one has to figure Cook wasn’t just heading over there to get the skinny on Half-Life 3, although if he did that would be great news. More likely they were discussing something in the way of technology, maybe something related to the rumored new console that Valve is creating.

In all honesty this visit from Cook could have been nothing more than a friendly visit amongst friends, but it’s much more exciting to consider the game-related implications this rendezvous could have. Apple has just released a significantly more powerful tablet into the market, and they could be gearing up for a new wave of Macs, both real candidates for some new Valve software.

Whatever Tim Cook’s visit to Valve’s offices might mean it certainly has us as gamers and lovers of new hardware intrigued. Unfortunately, Valve is as tight lipped of a developer as they come, so chances are we will never know what this visit was about, and will only have to put together the pieces once Valve announces something. But if Cook saw something about Half-Life 3, he better share.

What do you make of Apple CEO Tim Cook visiting the offices of Valve? Do you think that Apple is assisting Valve in the development of their new secret console?

Source: Apple Insider

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