Apple Arcade: The 10 Best Launch Games, Ranked

On September 19, 2019, the Apple Arcade was finally unleashed upon the public, and to everyone's surprise, it was pretty darned good! Sure, it has its issues, but overall, it's a surprisingly solid subscription service - cheap, consumer friendly, and filled with a ton of interesting titles.

Sure, some are obviously better than others, and the games are little more than basic mobile titles, but they're still a lot of fun to experiment with and experience. And we're here to tell you the ones that are actually worth playing.

These are the ten best Apple Arcade launch games, ranked.

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10 Sneaky Sasquatch

There's not really a whole lot to Sneaky Sasquatch, but it's a still a fun time nonetheless. The game sees you controlling the titular Sasquatch through a selection of unique mini games, like stealing food from campers, eating said food, canoeing, and...skiing, because that's what Sasquatches do, apparently. Of course, those are just a few examples, as the game is riddled with interesting things to do. Of course, there's nothing really groundbreaking or experimental here - it's just a good old time playing mini games with a Sasquatch, and really, what more can you ask for in a video game?

9 What The Golf?

What the Golf? is rightfully advertised as "the golf game for people who hate golf." Yep, that sounds about right. This game serves a cute parody of golf games, as it requires you to perform various ridiculous feats. For example, some holes see you shooting eggs into a frying pan, some see you launching the golfer themselves down the fairway, while others see you swinging the golf ball between obstacles like a circus performer. It's bizarre stuff and incredibly surreal, but it's also laugh out loud funny and the perfect balm against boring, cliché golf or mini-putt games.

8 Cricket Through The Ages

Cricket Through the Ages is some real primitive stuff, but it's still an absolute blast that had us laughing on more than a few occasions. The game sees two players essentially playing cricket with each other. Only, it's less "playing cricket" and more "throwing things at each other with a wacky physics engine." The silly physics are nothing new, but they guarantee at least a few laughs out of the game's players, and unique characters and settings help keep the game fresh as you progress. The great thing is that you can play with a friend (on the same screen), harkening back to the glory days of split-screen gaming.

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7 Where Cards Fall

We say this without hyperbole - Where Cards Fall is maybe one of the most gorgeous mobile games in history. The premise is simple, as you must place random playing cards around the game's levels to solve puzzles and build pathways. The great thing about this game is that the levels are dream-like, serene and beautiful, and the music incredibly calming. This IS a puzzle game, so your mileage may vary, but there's no denying that this is one unbelievably peaceful game. Sometimes you may just want to solve some puzzles and listen to some beautiful music, and if that's the case, then Where Cards Fall is your game.

6 Grindstone

Grindstone is an old school mobile game in many ways. It's very puzzle-oriented, it plays sort of like Candy Crush, and it's developed by Capybara Games in a beautiful return to their puzzle roots. You play as a barbarian who slices through monsters, and like Candy Crush, longer "chains" or combos of monsters result in more currency. This currency is utilized in the game's surprising RPG mechanics, as you can unlock upgrades and special abilities, all while toying around with a progression and crafting system. Add in a fun, colorful, and bright animation style, and you've got yourself one heck of a good time.

5 Skate City

You wouldn't think that a mobile skateboarding game would be so much fun, but you'd be wrong. Skate City plays a lot like EA's Skate series, which is a good thing, as those games are acclaimed as the most realistic skateboarding video games of all time. You use two digital analog sticks to control the skateboard and its moves, and you can edit your runs in an in-game camera system that allows you to share with the world. There is an unfortunate dirge in skateboarding video games, but for those of you looking for the next Skate, look no further than Skate City.

4  Mini Motorways

Mini Motorways is the successor to Mini Metro, so if you liked that game, then you will definitely enjoy this. The premise is simple - you have to build roads for a budding city. It sounds easy enough, but it is anything but. Sooner or later, you have to start listening to the demands of the citizens, requiring you to place traffic lights in the right places, build bridges connecting roads, and place motorways to speed up travel times. It gets incredibly chaotic and stressful the more populous the city becomes, but it's a ton of fun that also requires a bit of your brain. It's a win win!

3 Rayman Mini

To everyone's probable surprise, Rayman is still going strong all these years later, and his latest output is Apple Arcade's Rayman Mini, which is easily one of the greatest platforms in mobile history. The game utilizes one-touch controls to control Rayman, and you can make him perform a wide variety of movements like jumping, sprinting, and bouncing off walls (literally). The graphics are also luscious and detailed, making the game just as much fun to watch as it is to play. It's Rayman. On mobile. What else do you need to know!?

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2 Assemble With Care

Assemble with Care and its maker, usTwo, are paving the way for the future of mobile games. The premise of Assemble with Care admittedly sells it a little short, as the gameplay sees you re-assembling various broken items, including record players, gaming consoles, and camping ovens. However, the game is far deeper than that, as it explores fractured familial relationships and what requirements are needed to fix said fractures. It also explores each characters' backstory as you're slowly assembling a given piece, resulting in a rich tapestry of theme, character, and truly gorgeous visuals and music. It's great stuff.

1 Sayonara Wild Hearts

Sayonara Wild Hearts is arguably the "it" game of the Apple Arcade, the killer exclusive meant to showcase the new service. Sayonara Wild Hearts is a rhythm game that has you riding various methods of transportation - skateboard, motorcycle, muscle car - through brilliantly detailed and gorgeously animated neon streets. The graphics and art style are second to none on the mobile market, and the animation is simply stunning to watch. You really can't say that about most mobile games! Blended in with all this style is a subtle, emotional story that will leave you hooked. It's got style, substance, and fun to spare. It's a mobile masterpiece.

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