Apple Arcade Release Date and Price Revealed

Apple Arcade

Apple confirms the release date and price for Apple Arcade, its gaming subscription service. The Apple subscription service has been described as a "Netflix for games" by some, as it provides subscribers with an all access feast of games which they can access on their Apple TVs as well as their iOS and MacOS devices.

At its September event, Apple revealed that Apple Arcade will cost $4.99 a month. The service will launch on September 19, 2019, where it will be available on iOS 13 in more than 150 regions. Prospective subscribers looking to get Apple Arcade on their iPad OS 13 and tvOS 13 devices will have to wait a little longer, until September 30, 2019, to gain access. For those who are on the fence about the game subscription, Apple also confirmed that there will be a month free trial available.

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More than 100 "new and exclusive" games will be available at launch, with several having been announced. There were some new reveals at this new Apple event, though, as the company shared information about new games like Rayman Mini from Ubisoft, Shantae and the Seven Sirens, and Various Daylife which is an RPG from the creators of Bravely Default and Octopath Traveler. Devolver's Enter The Gungeon is part of Xbox Game Pass for September 2019, so some may be surprised to learn that Exit The Dungeon, another game in the series, has been confirmed for Apple Arcade too.

The launch of Apple Arcade comes just a day before the launch of the iPhone 11 series of phones, which Apple also announced at the event. These phones will be Apple Arcade ready and the iPhone 11 devices have longer battery lives too, which will make them great for long gaming sessions. The new A13 processor should also help all of the games on Apple Arcade run smoothly.

Apple Arcade is one of several game subscription services that is launching this year. Apple's offering is joined by the Google Stadia game streaming service, Ubisoft's UPlay Plus, and Microsoft and EA have been testing their own game streaming services too. Apple Arcade isn't a streaming service and games can be played offline, which means that its demographic is a little bit different to these other services. However, Apple Arcade's price makes it $5 cheaper than Google Stadia, so it will warrant a look in from any gamers who want to access to a large library of games for an affordable price.

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