Apple Arcade: How to Use PS4 and Xbox One Controllers with iOS

apple arcade controller

Apple Arcade brings subscription gaming, like Xbox's Game Pass and PS4's PlayStation Now, to the mobile space for the first time. With it, Apple has made all of its devices compatible with most modern wireless gaming controllers by default in its new iOS 13.

Apple released its Apple Arcade service this week and it has created quite a buzz. For just $5 a month, Apple gives owners of the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and MacOS computers access to a huge library of new games to try.

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Many of these titles cost money individually on different platforms. Some come from prestigious developers and some even feature sequels to popular franchises, like a new Rayman game. All of the games of course feature touch-screen controls, but with this kind of variety, many would certainly benefit from the use of a controller. Apple predicted this and therefore designed iOS 13 to pair easily with many of the controllers people already have in their homes.

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Luckily, wireless Xbox and PS4 controllers feature Bluetooth functionality out of the box, which means that they already have the hardware built-in. That means pairing them to an iOS device doesn't require much work beyond putting the controller into pairing mode and pairing it in the iOS devices' settings. Once that's done, players can jump into Apple Arcade's 100+ games without a hitch.

Download the Latest iOS Update

In order to use Apple Arcade, users must first make sure their device has iOS13 installed. iPhone owners can download the update right now while iPad owners must wait until September 24th.

To download the update, users can simply open the Settings app and navigate to General > Software update. The screen will search for an update, and once it finds it, users can click "Download and Install." The update will take about 30 minutes from download to full installation and the device will restart a few times.

Once the update finishes installing, users should navigate to the Settings app again and open to the Bluetooth section.

Pairing a PS4 Controller

  1. Hold down the "Share" button and the "PS" button at the same time until the light bar on the controller begins to flash blue.
  2. The PlayStation 4 controller will appear In the Bluetooth settings on the iOS device as "Dualshock 4".
  3. Selected "Dualshock 4" in the list. The two will connect and the PS4 controller will automatically work in Apple Arcade.

Pairing an Xbox One Controller

  1. Hold down the "sync" button on the top back of the controller until the Xbox light begins to flash.
  2. The Xbox One controller will appear In the Bluetooth settings on the iOS device as "Xbox One".
  3. Selected "Xbox One" in the list. The controller will connect and will automatically work in Apple Arcade.

Apple has a reputation for making things easy, and this process should get gamers up and running in the service in no time. iOS users can try the service for free for a month before they decide if Apple Arcade is worth the monthly fee.

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