Did you ever watch Apocalypse Now, that harrowing and disturbing examination of the horrors of war and the depths to which mankind can sink. Did you watch it and think, “Man, that would make a great video game!”

If so then you apparently work for Killspace Entertainment.

The domain name ApocalypseNowGame.com has recently been registered, and according to Joystiq it can be traced back to newly-formed studio Killspace Entertainment. Aside from that little nugget of information absolutely nothing else is known about the property at this time.

Not much is known about Killspace Entertainment either, with their official website offering nothing but their gun-adorned logo and an address. Some internet sleuths have uncovered some information on the company from Digital Development Management, which lists Killspace Entertainment as one of their clients. The brief brochure does mention that an original IP and a licensed IP are both in development at the studio. It also details how the studio has grabbed up former Pandemic employees as well as developers from Obsidian, RED 5 and EALA.

If you haven’t seen Apocalypse Now then the general plot synopsis, a special ops officer going deep behind enemy lines to assassinate a rogue Army Colonel, might seem like a good idea for a game. But Apocalypse Now isn’t exactly your typical war film, and it would be interesting to see how the dark and disturbing journey into madness (and surfing soldiers) would translate into an interactive medium.

What of it GameRant readers? Worst licensed video game idea ever? If the game does ever come out should it include a scratch-and-sniff card with Napalm order so you can smell victory?

Source: Joystiq