5 Apex Legends Changes We Want to See


Apex Legends came out of nowhere last month and has soared in popularity since its surprise launch. The game has passed a staggering 50 million players worldwide, and continues to be one of the most popular battle royale games currently available, even on track to eventually have more players than Fortnite. However, in order for developers Respawn Entertainment to maintain and grow Apex Legends' sizable audience, it will need to support the game with regular content updates.

We already know Apex Legends' first season will kick off this month, which includes a Fortnite-style battle pass. However, there are a lot of other changes and updates Respawn could make to Apex Legends to make it an even more enjoyable experience, with the following five suggestions standing out as the most important.

5 More Interesting Map Locations


Apex Legends has gotten a lot of love since launch, but its environments could use work. The current map, King's Canyon, is kind of bland, and lacks any standout or memorable locations. There is no Tilted Towers-equivalent in Apex Legends, with players just landing wherever they know high-tier loot will spawn, the supply ship, or most often, a random location on the map. Assuming Respawn plans on updating the Kings Canyon map like Fortnite does with its battle royale map, hopefully we see some more interesting and visually distinct locations added soon.

Alternatively, Respawn may want to keep Kings Canyon as it is and explore adding an entirely new second map instead. It's already discussed adding a larger map to the game at some point, but it remains to be seen if a second map will ever actually materialize. Respawn will also want to be careful when introducing new maps, as PUBG's second map, Miramar, has been so notoriously disliked by the community that people have gone to the trouble of manually removing it from the map rotation.

4 Proper Training Mode

apex legends bloodhound and pathfinder

Apex Legends has a replayable tutorial mode that teaches players the basics of the game, but it could be a lot better. In its current state, the tutorial is not really a great way to learn the different playable legends' abilities, lacking bots and character-specific tutorial options found in other hero-shooters. Apex Legends' current tutorial mode is also lacking when it comes to properly testing the game's weaponry, so it would be great if it included a dedicated firing range that allowed players to not only test out all of the different weapons, but all the attachments as well. This would go a long way in helping players better understand how to play Apex Legends without having to learn as they go in the middle of a match.

3 New Match Types

apex legends caustic trap

The standard battle royale experience is a tried-and-true formula that has captivated millions of gamers and raked in billions of dollars for the industry. Even so, a little variety never hurt anyone, and Apex Legends could benefit from including a variety of match types that cater to different playstyles. For example, a No Limits mode like in Overwatch where the Apex Legends characters constantly had their special abilities at their disposal could make for some especially frantic and exciting gameplay.

Even new match types that simply expand on the existing battle royale experience would be appreciated. Right now, Apex Legends is somewhat restrictive compared to its competition as it only allows for three-player parties. If future updates increased party size to four players and also allowed for solo and duo options, then the game could appeal to some battle royale fans that feel left out by its current setup.

2 Better Loot Drops

apex legends gibraltar

It's a running joke in the Apex Legends community that it's often hard to find useful loot compared to other battle royale games. Sometimes players can explore three separate buildings and not even find a gun, or worse yet, only manage to find the basically useless Mozambique pistol. While landing in high-tier loot areas sometimes solves this problem, it would still be nice to have better loot drops across the entire battle royale map.

1 Vehicles

bangalore apex legends concept art

There are times in Apex Legends where players can go extended periods without ever bumping into an enemy, leading to lengthy stretches of just walking through the desert. As one might imagine, this doesn't really make for terribly exciting gameplay, and one way to solve that problem would be to add vehicles. Rumors suggest that Respawn already has a hoverbike vehicle in the works for Apex Legends, but whatever kind of vehicles the game adds, hopefully, they're fast enough to get players into some action on a more consistent basis than they can now.


These five suggestions would go a long way in making Apex Legends an even better experience, but it's worth pointing out that Respawn has already outlined some ways it plans on updating the game in the near future. As previously mentioned, Apex Legends will kick off its first season of content at some point this month, which will include a battle pass and likely new cosmetics as well.

Additionally, datamining efforts have confirmed that Apex Legends will be getting some new playable legends. There's some evidence to suggest that the leaked character Octane could even come as soon as this month, but Apex Legends fans will just have to wait and see on that front.

Regardless of when new content comes, it's clear that Respawn has big plans for Apex Legends. The game is already a massive hit, and if supported properly, there's no reason why it can't eventually become the #1 battle royale game in the world.

Apex Legends is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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