Apex Legends: Upcoming Patch to Fix Major Issues

apex legends patch major issues

Although the rapid growth of Apex Legends has somewhat slowed since it first launched, it still has a solid base of gamers who have been adversely affected by some of the major issues that remain in the battle royale game. However, it's clear that both publisher Electronic Arts and developer Respawn Entertainment are dedicated to its success, as the former is pushing a mobile version of Apex Legends and the latter has just announced a major update.

At the time of this writing, this update does not have a release date yet, but according to community manager Jay Frechette, they are working on getting it out live as soon as possible. This Apex Legends patch will look at many of the issues that have recently plagued the battle royale game such as hit registration bugs, Gibraltar and Caustic's Fortified bug, audio glitches, and reported PlayStation 4 crashes following update 1.08.

Concerning issues with hit registration, players can expect this next patch to address and fix some of these issues, but since there is a multitude of factors, Respawn Entertainment reiterates that Apex Legends will still have some issues in this area. The developer will be actively looking into what issues remain following this fix. For those who want to play Gibraltar and Caustic, the Fortified bug – where "reduced" damage was bypassing the shield – will be fixed.

Other issues getting fixed includes audio bugs, such as not being able to hear an enemy's footsteps or distorted audio issues, and the reported Apex Legends PS4 crashes. The latter occurred after a small update for the PlayStation store that led to Lifeline's "Pick Me Up" Banner causing crashes. For now, the banner has been removed, but a full fix will come as part of this update.

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The patch will also look at other unnamed issues in-game, but two major fixes that Respawn is looking at the outside of this patch include the slow-motion glitch at the beginning of matches and issues of "piggy-backing." The former is related to their servers and data centers, and they've confirmed they're looking into the root of the problem. "Piggy-backing," where a player drafts off of others but doesn't actually partake in the match in order to level up faster, is becoming a major issue, and Respawn wants those Apex Legends players to know they are looking into temporary and/or permanent bans if the problem continues.

Apex Legends is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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