10 Things In The Apex Legends Universe That Make No Sense

Naturally, playing Apex Legends (or any video game, really) requires a certain suspension of disbelief. And for the most part, Respawn has done a great job ensuring that this Titanfall spin-off makes sense in its own context. But even so, sometimes things just don't add up. Whether it's a bit of lore that doesn't seem to fit or a gameplay mechanic that works for balancing but clashes with immersion, there's plenty of nitpicking to be done.

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And of course we entertain a collective understanding that realism (insofar as its relation to gladiatorial bloodsports in space will go) isn't the goal with Apex Legends, and that narrative perfection within a battle royale title is a pretty lofty expectation. But that doesn't make it any less fun to have a chuckle or marvel over some of the presented inconsistencies. If that happens to sound like something that is right up your alley, then you're in luck! Here are ten things that simply don't make sense when it comes to Apex Legends.

10 Everyone Turns Into A Box When They Die

Now, the explanation here is very simple. It definitely beats the idea of every single bit of loot exploding out of a fallen player like some sort of weird murder pinata and makes the process of rummaging through what was formerly their inventory much more organized and expedient.

But that doesn't keep the concept from being entirely silly, if not outright comical at times. While the fan theory of the Apex Games being run as a simulation in-universe would cover this, interestingly enough, we never see a "death box" in any of the game's trailers or animated shorts, with downed combatants being portrayed as quite definitively dead.

9 Why Are The Jump Kits Only Used For Skydiving?

Legends seem to be equipped with jump kits, which as anyone that has played Titanfall should know, are outrageously useful pieces of equipment. They allow the wearer to defy gravity with double jumping, wall-running, and the ability to decelerate otherwise fatal falls.

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So, beyond the obvious, out-of-character concerns for gameplay balance, why are they only utilized when skydiving? It seems ludicrously counter-intuitive for the Legends to avoid utilizing such an obvious and powerful mobility advantage.

8 Multiples Of Each Character Being Present

Each of Apex Legends' characters is distinct, unique, and packed to the brim with personality. No two are identical, permitting you are willing to ignore that several clones of them appear in each match. Even outside of the gameplay itself, this peculiarity presents itself in trailers and other media associated with the game.

This makes sense for Mirage, for obvious reasons, but a clear cut example of this is presented in the game's launch trailer when Pathfinder clearly guns down Bloodhound (wearing the Plague Doctor skin), only for another Bloodhound (in the default skin) to appear later in the trailer. So what's the story? Clones? Impostors? Maybe it's best that we just don't overthink this one.

7 Why Is Pathfinder Affected By Caustic's Gas?

Robots usually don't have lungs. This most definitely holds true for Pathfinder, who implies this not-so-subtly with a quip he utters as the Jumpmaster. "Hold your breath, if you have to breathe," says he. Why, then, is Pathfinder affected just as badly by Caustic's toxic gas attacks as his organic comrades?

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It could be argued that Caustic's gas is corrosive in nature and that it damages Pathfinder by eating away at or otherwise impairing his robotic bits. However, most characters are clearly heard choking and coughing when in the proximity of the gas, so corrosion wouldn't seem to be the primary effect at play.

6 Gravity Is Wildly Inconsistent In The Outlands

Apex Legends' lack of fall damage is great, contributing significantly to the feeling of unrestricted mobility that helps to set it apart from the rest of the battle royale slog fests. However, its implementation raises an awful lot of questions concerning just how gravity works there in the Outlands.

The biggest inconsistency is that players still die when falling off of the edge of the map. Which is necessary as far as game logic goes, sure, but lore-wise, how does surviving a mile-high leap from a mountain top stack up against being doomed by a comparatively short tumble over a few rocks towards the map's edge?

5 Why Is Wattson So Excited To Fight?

Wattson's story is a touching one. Having essentially been "adopted" by the Legends that fight inside of the Ring she helped design, they've come to see her as family, and vice versa. It's all very sweet until you consider how eager she is to get into the ring herself and murder them to death.

Sure, being selected to participate in the Apex Games is certainly something to be excited about. However, Wattson acting giddy to start shooting her adoptive "family" full of holes clashes pretty thoroughly with her wholesome and cute aesthetic. In fact, it sort of makes her seem like a sociopath. Perhaps that's the point?

4 Octane's Stimulants

We'll go ahead and gloss over Octane's questionable tolerance for the immense amounts of green goop he's constantly pushing into his veins. Instead, we're going to focus on the fact that their ability to make him move faster doesn't seem to make any actual sense.

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Performance-enhancing substances are definitely a realistic thing, considering they exist aplenty in our universe; however, Octane's legs are robotic. There's no physical performance there to enhance, considering it's all mechanical. So what good would a stimulant actually do insofar as making him run faster?

3 No One Ever Dies Permanently

No matter what happens to our heroes, every single one of them always seems to make it to the next match intact. Of course, this obviously happens in-game, but it's more comical in reference to trailers, animated shorts, and other media that spring up around the game.

Again and again, we've seen most of the Legends bite the dust (particularly Caustic, who seems to manage to get himself killed in almost every trailer). We can yet again confront the theory that the Apex Games are a simulation of sorts, but the depicted violence and stakes placed on the games seem to counter this theory too thoroughly to give it enough merit.

2 Where's Blisk?

"They kill you, they're better. You kill them, you're better," as Kuben Blisk explains during the introductory cinematic of Apex Legends, never to be heard from again afterward. You'd think that he may have a few more things to say over the course of the Apex Games, given that he presumably put the whole shindig together.

However, it seems like everyone's favorite Titanfall villain is pretty content to play the role of the glorified greeter, fading entirely into the background after performing the part. Of course, the future may have some Blisk-related shenanigans in store, but right now his absence is definitely a little confusing.

1 Bangalore & Gibraltar's Artillery Being Allowed

Bangalore and Gibraltar can call down their respective brands of off-map artillery barrages as their special abilities. And while they're pretty balanced in terms of gameplay, they do raise some interesting questions to be answered.

Firstly, where exactly are these artillery emplacements? On some nearby, unreachable island? Fired from ships in orbit? Second, and perhaps most importantly, who exactly is making the rules about these things? It can be safely ascertained that Legends aren't to enter the arena armed, as part of the game is being restricted to what's found inside of the arena. Do mortars and artillery emplacements not count as weapons? It seems more than a little shady.

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