Apex Legends Reportedly Teased Two New Characters

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Season one of Apex Legends officially begins in March, where developer Respawn Entertainment is expected to add more characters to the free-to-play battle royale game. It seems, however, that two of these characters have been teased in the roadmap/gameplay trailer. Because of the nature of this discovery, it's also worth mentioning that, while this is a convincing argument, it is definitely just a theory at this point.

This theory is deeply rooted in the fact that Bloodhound, the tracker class, was originally designed for Titanfall. In the aforementioned Apex Legends trailer, a door opens up to 2 character silhouettes not current playable in the game. These characters can be seen around the 5:31 mark below, with the voiceover notably declaring, "Who knows where the next champion will come from?"

These characters stand out because, like Bloodhound, they match Titanfall character art in a way. Neither were ever officially added to the game, but the character on the left looks like a hooded simulacrum, and the character on the right looks like Talchum. That said, because these silhouettes are hard to see, it really could be anyone, or even characters that Apex Legends players haven't seen before.

apex legend simulacrum tease
apex legends talchum tease

Even if these two character silhouettes are not the figures pictured above, it seems likely that the trailer silhouettes are the 9th and 10th characters. It is currently unknown how many characters will be added to Apex Legends moving forward, but it is one change fans are clamoring to see. Beyond new characters, Respawn also seems set to release new maps if the developer determines that they are fun.

Quality of life changes like the addition of new characters and fun new maps are likely to go a long way for Apex Legends. Considering the developer wants this to be a ten-year game, changes like this are necessary to keep this battle royale game fun and fresh, and competitive with the likes of Fortnite. Time will tell if Apex Legends is truly in it for the long run, but based on its growing popularity, things are looking up.

Apex Legends is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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