10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do In Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a free-to-play Battle Royale from Respawn set in the Titanfall universe. Players take control of one of nine different legends and battle it out in squads of three. Each has their own unique abilities and play style, making the game variable and exciting.

While many of the features of the game are common to the genre, Apex Legends also has some functionality which is unique. There are several lesser known tips and tricks which you can utilize to help your squad come out on top.

Here are 10 things you didn’t know you could do in Apex Legends.

10 You Can Wall-Climb

While there is no proper wall-running or triple-jumps like in Titanfall, there is a way to get up walls. If you sprint at a wall, while holding the jump button and looking upwards, you can wall-climb up to about 3-4 times your height, allowing you to reach tall ledges.

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Use can also use doors to get even higher, by climbing onto the door then onto the wall next to it. These two tricks combined take practice but can help you reach difficult to access ledges and roofs, in order to gain the high ground.

9 You Can Go Out Of Bounds

When using red balloons and ziplines in particular, you can end up out of bounds. The map has a set height limit and if you are over this then you’ll see a “return to play area” message. Once this appears you have a few seconds to come back down to lower ground.

This is designed to stop players camping up high until late game but the few seconds grace period can be used to reposition yourself. Getting up as high as you can then coming back down means you can cover huge distances more stealthily.

8 Pathfinder Can Pull Enemies Towards Him

Pathfinder’s grappling hook ability is incredibly versatile. Not only can it be used to quickly reposition and flank enemy teams but it can be used to pull enemies towards him.

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Firing it at the back of an enemy will drag them towards you as it retracts and can stop them from firing on your teammates. Combined with Pathfinders incredibly mobile play style, this tip can help you ambush and disorientate an enemy team. It’s a quick move but it’s incredibly effective and totally confusing for enemies.

7 You Can Recharge Your Shield With A Finishing Move

Finishing moves are an odd feature in Apex Legends. They are unlockable from loot boxes or the in-game store but their use is variable. While they look great once you start one you cannot stop the process and are locked into the move for a couple of seconds. During this time you are visible and targetable by enemies.

However, if you have a Legendary-tier shield, then executing a finishing move will give you a free, full shield recharge.

6 You Can Do A Lot With A Zipline

apex legends bloodhound and pathfinder

You can utilize ziplines in several ways. Players can go uphill or downhill and if you want to dismount you can simply press jump to get off. You can also jump back onto the line by jumping and then holding the forward and interact keys simultaneously on PC or press and hold interact on console.

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This allows you to dismount then change direction and get back on. It takes some practice but once mastered it will make zip lines even more versatile, especially if you play as Pathfinder who can set his own lines.

5 Check Your Enemies' Shield Status

apex legends body armor

The damage numbers are far more informative than they first appear. Everything is color coded so you can see exactly what damage you’ve caused and how close you are to eliminating your enemy.

Yellow damage is headshot damage and damage to the body will display in purple, white or blue, indicating the type of shield the enemy has. If the damage is red it means their shield is down.

If you listen carefully you can also hear a shattering sound when an enemy shield is broken, relaying this to team mates can help them finish off the job if needed.

4 You Can Self-Revive

Usually when you finish an opponent they will go down and start bleeding out. This lasts for about 30 seconds or so, giving their squad a chance to revive them without needing to use a beacon. A player going down like this usually indicates that they have at least 1 teammate still around. However, there is a rare item which allows players to self-revive in these circumstances.

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The legendary knockdown shield comes with a resurrection function, allowing a player to to self-revive once. Use it wisely as the ability is consumed once used, so there’s no second chance.

3 You Can Adjust Your Sights

Apex Legends_20190204223932

Most of the guns scopes will allow you to toggle how zoomed in you are when aiming down sights. On the PC left shift will toggle this ability, while L serves the same purpose on controllers. This adjustment allows players to use gun sights in a way which works for them.

If you’ve got the high ground and a decent sniper rifle this adjustment can help you get this beautiful head shots, something which can be very difficult in the game.

2 You Can Ping Almost Anything

Apex Legends’ ping system is one of the most versatile functions available. It allows player to quick and easily communicate information between their squad. You can mark the locations of enemies, loot and targets. Pinging a specific gun or box of ammo will announce its type and location.

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If you're in need of more ammo you can also ping the ammo in your inventory, so team mates can keep an eye out for you or offer up their spares. Utilizing the ping system properly you can communicate virtually everything you need for a co-ordinated battle.

1 You Can Smash Doors With Melee Attacks

Buildings are often full of loot but this can turn into a danger if you get pinned into a corner by a loot box or your enemy. If you don’t have the space to open the doors then don’t worry. You can melee attack the doors, which will make your character kick them down.

This can also be a quicker way to move if you are already attacking. It also has the added bonus that it looks very cool.

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