Apex Legends: 10 Things About The Friendly Robot, Pathfinder

Apex Legends is home to numerous characters from so many different walks of life. The game features a medic, an adrenaline junkie, a bartender, but perhaps the most interesting character of all is the robot. Pathfinder isn't only the strangest competitor, he's also the most optimistic of the bunch. Fans have so many questions about the guy, but it seems that he's also been searching for answers to his questions.

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Let's now take a moment to look at 10 interesting things about the friendly robot from Apex Legends, Pathfinder.

10 Optimism

You'd never expect that the easiest going and friendly character in a video game would be the robot. Pathfinder is different though as his naive nature and friendly attitude simply showcases that he's looking for a connection. Since he's not a human he likely doesn't battle with the meaning of life or the inevitable release of death.

This allows him to walk around with a clear mind and pure thoughts. If you're competing in the Apex Games and could use a smile, maybe try teaming up with the eternal optimist, Pathfinder.

9 The Voice

The assumption is that Pathfinder's voice was created from nothing as he's a robot and that would make the most sense. It turns out that Chris Edgerly is the man who gives everyone's favorite optimist his voice.

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Edgerly has had a strong career and has provided voices on The Simpsons for 8 years running. In addition to that, he's also provided his talents to anime such as Baki and Naruto: Shippuden. Apex Legends seems to be his most prominent video game work, but don't look for it to be his last.

8 Places Unknown

Something that's been confusing for Pathfinder in his search for answers is that he doesn't even know if he is native to Solace. It's unclear if he was constructed on the same planet as the Apex Games, or if he was shipped or delivered here in some type of transport.

It's just another question on the list that Pathfinder has for his creator if he ever finds them. Who would have thought that the being who feels most lost in this world isn't one of flesh and blood, but rather metal and wire?

7 Like A Mirage

Most of the legends in the Apex Games hadn't known one another before entering the competition. It runs out that the optimistic robot Pathfinder knew one person. It turns out that Pathfinder once entered a bar in Solace City where he came across a friendly and eccentric bartender named Mirage.

Ever since then they've been pals and Mirage can be heard giving his robot pal grief about a thing or two. Thankfully for Mirage, it seems that the insults and jokes never seem to bother Pathfinder even in the slightest.

6 He Has A Different Name?

Contrary to naive belief Pathfinder isn't the real name of the robot competing in the Apex Games. Pathfinder's real robot designation is MRVN which stands for Mobile Robotic Versatile eNtity. It seems that they were a little bit liberal on the usage of the letter N in the acronym.

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Pathfinder is not only a better sounding name but makes sense for both his combat abilities as well as the personal journey he currently has himself on. Hats off to Respawn for not going with the simple name of Marvin.

5 Intercourse

During an interview when the game was first released, a developer at Respawn Entertainment hinted at the idea that Pathfinder is capable of intercourse. This is quite surprising as robots aren't always designed or programmed for such behaviors, but since versatile is in his official name it only seems logical.

It's also unclear whether the developer meant Pathfinder could engage in such activities with humans, robots, or both. Maybe one day we'll get the real answer by way of official Apex Legends lore.

4 Battery Life

Imagine being alive and not knowing how old you are. Unlike humans, robots don't have life phases so there's not even an opportunity to have a rough idea of just how old one is. Pathfinder's entire origin and creation are mysterious and leave a lot of questions to be answered.

His age is important because depending on when he was creating there's a good chance he was involved in the Frontier War. Was his memory wiped for confidentiality reasons, or did he experience a memory altering trauma?

3 Others Like Him?

Though his optimism and search for answers make him unique in his way, Pathfinder isn't the only MRVN model of robot. There are said to be others, and female versions could be seen in the Season 1 Opening Cinematic for the game.

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A female MRVN robot was the center of a supposed rumor that was listing the legends Respawn Entertainment has planned to enter the game in the coming months and years. A second robot in the Apex Games could help Pathfinder seek and resolve the questions he's had since his awakening.

2 Why He Competes

Pathfinder is competing for one sole reason: to find the person who created him. He believes that if he does well in the Apex Games the popularity, media attention, and notoriety are likely to catch the eye of his creator.

This is an optimistic outlook on the entire situation as his creator could already be dead, or simply live a life detached from entertainment. Either way, it seems like he has his life's purpose and he's simply trying to accomplish it in any feasible way possible.

1 Who Made Him?

Pathfinder has been on a mission ever since he awoke to find the individual responsible for his creation. He wants to know why he exists, but also has questions relating the fact that he's much different than other MRVN units. His optimistic spirit and willingness to explore the unknown have left him in a place of searching.

Since Wraith recently received an animated story short showing her origin fans are hoping that Pathfinder is the next in line. There's a chance that fans will know Pathfinder's creator before he does.

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