Shroud Thinks Players Will Hate Apex Legends' Solos Mode

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A new limited-time Solos mode for Apex Legends is coming to the battle royale title, but not everyone is excited about it. Popular Twitch streamer shroud believes the mode won't land with players, and it won't be coming back.

Shroud plays a variety of battle royale games and is also an ex-professional CS:GO player. Having put countless hours into the shooting and battle royale genres on Twitch, shroud's opinion is well-informed and provides some insight as to why Apex Legends' Solos mode may not be all that it's cracked up to be.

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One of the concerns with a solo Apex Legends mode is how skills are going to be balanced, as characters are created with a squad playstyle in mind. "Chances are they aren't going to [rebalance skills]", shroud said on Twitch. "It's why the game isn't going to be very good in Solos."

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"I think people are going to try it, they're gonna hate it, and [Respawn] will pull it in two weeks and they probably won't do it again." While shroud seems very negative on the mode, he mentions that the mode is just a "test run", similar to how Respawn tried and eventually introduced the Ranked Mode. Even if the Solos mode flops, it's only around for a limited time and won't have much of a lasting impact on the meta.

Shroud's concerns about Solos are not uncommon. Apex Legends was created first and foremost with three Legend teams in mind, and what made the game stand out among other battle royales in the first place. Playing without a team can severely limit some characters, and without proper balancing, only some Legends will be viable in the mode. That's not going to be fun for most players, and will likely have them quickly returning to the normal, 3-man squad mode.

However, if Solos fails during the limited-time event, there's still time for Respawn to turn it around. Respawn can tweak the mode as needed, and release either another limited-time Solos event or introduce it as a full-fledged mode. While there are concerns about the mode, Solos (not to mention a Duos mode) was asked for the most by Apex Legend players, so regardless of the results this probably won't be the only time this mode is seen.

Apex Legends is free to download on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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