Apex Legends' New Solo Mode is Riddled with Cheaters

Apex Legends' New Solo Mode Is Attracting Teaming Cheaters

It's been a busy couple of days for battle royale game Apex Legends, with the launch of the Iron Crown Collection event and the launch of the new Solos mode. However, not everything is going as planned, and cheaters are finding ways to make the new mode unfair by teaming up on unsuspecting players.

Apex Legends first gained attention as a squad-based battle royale where players would win and die as a team. The new Solos mode has players fighting alone, similar to other battle royale titles, but teaming up is easier than it should be and causes unfair advantages.

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The issue of "teaming" isn't anything new, and has been a problem in other battle royales like PUBG and Fortnite for awhile. "Teaming" is essentially working with other players when the game rules don't actually allow teamwork and working to take down other players until they're the last ones standing. This is normally achieved by "queue sniping," with everyone jumping into the queue at the same time to try and land in the same game.

This is hot on the heels on the backlash from how expensive the new cosmetics are, and it's unclear how Respawn will respond to this new rash of cheaters. The developers have been quick to ban players for cheating in Apex Legends in the past, but with Solos only being available for a limited time, it's hard to tell what steps they'll take. The easiest method would probably be to try and eliminate queue sniping, but it can be difficult to work out who is "teaming" and who are people that are just queuing up at the same time.

This doesn't bode too well for the new mode of Apex Legends, and hopefully, it'll be resolved before the end of the Iron Crown Collection event. It's hard to introduce a completely new mode in any multiplayer title, so problems are to be expected. However, letting the problems sit too long unresolved can have a very negative effect on the success of Solos, and prevent the mode returning in the future.

Solos has only been available for two days so far, and players are just now discovering players that are teaming up. Respawn has plenty of time to crack down on cheaters and tweak the queues in order to make Solos more successful as a whole. Either way, the Iron Crown Collection event, and the Solos mode, will be live until August 27.

Apex Legends is available to download for free on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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