Apex Legends Could Be Adding Solo and Duos

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Apex Legends came out of nowhere, but has been quickly embraced by the gaming community, gaining over 10 million players worldwide since launch. While the game is certainly popular, few would say Apex Legends is the perfect battle royale experience, with some criticism aimed at its lack of game modes, forcing players to always play in squads of three. However, a new datamine suggests that could change in the near future.

Dataminers have dug through Apex Legends' game files and found evidence that the game is adding a Solo Mode and 2-Man Squad. This should give fans of the game more options, and won't force them to always play with strangers. However, Solo and 2-Man Squad have yet to be officially announced by Respawn, so it remains to be seen if either mode will actually be added to the popular battle royale game or not.

In our own Apex Legends review, we criticized the lack of options when it comes to game modes, as restricting players to three man squads seems needlessly restrictive, especially when compared to other battle royale titles on the market. Considering this, it's reassuring to learn that other options are at least being considered.

While Apex Legends currently forces players to constantly play in squads of three, some of the issues that may arise from that are mitigated by the game's ping system. Apex Legends allows players to easily call out items, locations, and enemies with a single press of a button, so they can still effectively communicate with their teammates without having to actually speak to them with a mic. Even so, it would still be nice for Apex Legends to give players more options.

Besides potentially giving players more options when it comes to the number of players in their squad, Apex Legends could be adding some other new game modes in the future as well. One such game mode that has already been leaked is Ranked Mode, but like Solo and 2-Man Squads, its existence has yet to be confirmed by Respawn or Electronic Arts.

While it's hard to say what future content could be making its way to Apex Legends, it's safe to say that plenty of new features and modes are on the way if the game is able to maintain or expand its current popularity.

Apex Legends is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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