Apex Legends Could Be Adding Solo and Duos Soon, But There's A Catch

Respawn Entertainment has been keeping busy ever since Season 2 of Apex Legends kicked off last month. Not only did fans get a new character with Wattson, but the map itself has evolved similar to Fortnite's seasonal map changes. With the central tower destroyed and laying in the middle of the map, flyers and leviathans have also invaded to mix things up in the newly updated locations like King's Canyon and the Shattered Forest. However, there appears to be even more changes coming to the popular game including a highly requested game mode.

According to the dataminer That1MiningGuy, Apex Legends appears to be on the verge of finally getting a Solo specific option, something the fanbase has been asking for since the game launched. As of now, the game pairs up three players against other squads to find out who will be the last team standing. Although Respawn and EA have been hinting at new modes, the idea of a solo only mode has never been officially confirmed.

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While this news is no doubt exciting for those who have been holding out hope, there appears to be somewhat of a catch. The datamined files highlighted a new setting called no fill, which appears to be a way for lone wolf players to prevent matchmaking with two other players. Speculation is that if this option is enabled before a match, the game will attempt to add other no fill players unless the lobby is in need of more players.

This option also extends to two players who don't want a third teammate, as no fill will force the game to not add a random third to the squad. Ultimately, this discovery likely means that there isn't a dedicated solo/duo type of mode coming, only a way to turn off matchmaking. Still, without official word, this is all speculation and could easily change by the time Respawn is ready to discuss its plans for future content.

In addition to a solo mode, Respawn has recently begun teasing a next major character to join the roster of legends. Briefly seen in the season 2 launch trailer, the legend known as Crypto is the one responsible for bringing down the Repulsor tower. Seen as a hacker of sorts, not much is known about the mysterious new legend, though with the character having previously appeared on the leaked reports that specifically named Wattson and Octane, it stands a good chance that players will be seeing this new character added to the roster at some point.

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Apex Legends is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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