Apex Legends: 5 Things Season 3 Is Doing Right (& 5 Things It's Doing Wrong)

Apex Legends' third season is definitely keeping things interesting, and it's largely assuaging concerns that the relative newcomer to the battle royale scene is facing stagnation less than a year into its life cycle. But while reception of the new season's entire arsenal of content has been positive for the most part, it's most certainly not without its gripes among fans.

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In fact, the community at large seems pretty evenly split concerning whether or not season three is a step forward or a step backwards in terms of the game's evolution. To demonstrate, we've cobbled together a list covering some of the pros and cons of season three's content. Keep scrolling to check it out and decide whether or not season three's benefits actually end up outweighing the expressed drawbacks thus far.

10 RIGHT: New Map

Though it's not without its problems, Season Three's new map World's Edge is a breath of fresh air that the game sorely needed. Battle royale titles often fail to provide new and exciting locales quickly enough to retain the interest of contemporary gamers, and Apex Legends has managed to do it just in the nick of time.

The new locale is dynamic and interesting, offering highly varied and colorful biomes for competing squads to duke it out over. As mentioned, there is some pushback among the playerbase concerning the stylistic changes the new map's layout requires of their playstyle, but taken as a whole, it's been successful in what it set out to do.

9 WRONG: The Charge Rifle

New weapons are always an exciting prospect when it comes to any shooter, especially so in Apex Legends. But as it turns out, the idea of "too much of a good thing" holds a lot of weight with the Charge Rifle. It's a new energy-based sniper weapon with unerring, pinpoint accuracy and way too much damage potential.

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The Charge Rifle's immense power has become something of a mascot meme for season three. Despite a recent patch lowering its damage potential at longer ranges, there's no doubt that it's still one of the most annoyingly effective weapons currently available in-game, and still in need of further balancing measures.

8 RIGHT: Crypto

Keeping up with the trend of introducing a new playable Legend with every batch of seasonal content, professional hacker man and drone enthusiast Crypto is season three's new kid on the block. He's definitely been a hit, with unique and interesting abilities that fit in nicely with those of the other Legends.

His remote controlled drone provides all sorts of opportunities for scouting, and setting up ambushes utilizing its potent EMP blast. It presents a few quirks that might require balancing, but all in all he's fine and welcome addition to Apex Legends' already amazing roster.

7 WRONG: Drop Ship Quips

Adding the ability to cycle through your character's various unlocked quips in the dropship is puzzling in several respects, chief among which is why they felt the need to shove it into the game. It feels pretty awkward in application, and before being patched, it was actually flatly annoying for most players.

It's a bit more tolerable now that it has been patched to be a less overwhelming wall of noise, but that still leaves the question of why it felt necessary. "Why not?" is a perfectly valid excuse, of course, but the usage of quips felt perfectly fine in its initial (and contextually sound) application. Did anyone really ask for this?

6 RIGHT: The Halloween Event Game Mode

Apex Legends has had a few event game modes leading up to this point, including the Apex Elite Queue and the Iron Crown solo queue. But the game mode attached to the Fright or Fright event, entitled Shadowfall, is far and away the coolest and most unique one they've released yet.

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Playing like a sort of hybrid between the popular "Infection" game modes seen in Halo or Call of Duty and solo queues, the event features a spooky, night time version of the old King's Canyon map with a neat Halloween makeover. It's an absolute blast, and you really should take the chance to experience it before it ends on November 5th.

5 WRONG: The Event Store

Apex Legends' struggle to successfully monetize its free-to-play model without it feeling overpriced and borderline inaccessible has been a continuous one. And while the store as seen in the Fight or Fright collection event has made some changes in an attempt to successfully hit a middle ground, it still unfortunately possesses this core issue.

Players now have the ability to expend crafting metals over cold, hard Apex Coins (a purely premium currency) in order to obtain the bulk of their Halloween goodies. However, the amount required is incredibly high, and the Apex Coin price for them still seems awfully expensive in terms of real world cash as far as digital items go.

4 RIGHT: Applying Community Feedback

Respawn definitely can't be accused of ignoring their fans when it comes to the balancing and fixes they tend to prioritize with their updates. The greater majority of changes made over the course of season three's patches seem directly targeted at hot button issues raised by the community.

A pretty solid example of this is provided with the small patch released on October 17th, which promptly addressed a few issues that had been raised with some of season three's new features. It reduced the overwhelming cacophony of the new "quips" feature, attempted to reduce the incredibly overpowered nature of the Charge Rifle, and addressed a few other issues that players had been vocal about.

3 WRONG: Loot Density

Season Three's new map is a welcome change of scenery. But it does come packaged with a few problematic issues, the most prominent of which is the map's loot distribution. Everyone from newcomers to seasoned Apex veterans has been less than shy when it comes to voicing their opinion over this shortcoming.

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Players are lucky to even find themselves armed with the game's worst weapons after getting onto the ground, which is absolutely frustrating for anyone that has experienced it. Participating in a purely one-sided conflict isn't fun, and having to ditch your initial landing site for a lengthy jog to the next area just to equip yourself with the most basic of pistols is even less so.

2 RIGHT: Rotating Loot

The particular bits of loot that have been swapped in and out for season three are a source of contention among fans, but the concept of a "rotating meta" based on what loot is available from season to season is an incredibly solid concept within itself.

Rather than particular weapons absolutely dominating the top of the food chain (such as the Alternator equipped with Disruptor Rounds did in no short measure) for the entirety of the game's lifetime, rotating the available attachments for each season creates a sort of living meta that keeps the gunplay fresh and interesting, and allows for fans of different weapons or playstyles to shine in different seasons.

1 WRONG: Battle Pass Progression

Respawn still seems to be "feeling out" how to do this in a way that is entirely satisfying to all parties, but it doesn't seem like they've struck the golden balance just yet. Season two's battle pass swapped out the straightforward grind for a challenge-based system, which while more engaging than the former approach, still entails a lengthy and time-consuming progression that actually punishes grinding more than it relieves it.

Season three didn't see this system altered by much. The rewards do, at the very least, seem a bit stronger than they have been over the course of the past two seasons, but the actual act of progressing and advancing battle pass levels could still use a bit of work.

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